ACP Pelius to head RSLPF Victims Support Unit

ACP Pelius to head RSLPF Victims Support Unit
Acting ACP Crusita Pelius
Acting ACP Crusita Pelius
Acting ACP Crusita Pelius

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police for Territorial Policing Crusita Pelius will head the Victims Support Unit of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) which will provide support for victims of sexual assault.

Pelius disclosed that the unit is being formed based on a report that was submitted from a forensic scientist, who worked along with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU).

“It is essentially to provide support to sexual assault victims from the time the incident takes place, until it goes through the legal process and finally to the courts,” the ACP explained.

Pelius said the police force has already identified persons they wish to have employed within this unit, which will include individuals from the Human Services Department and the Vulnerable Persons Unit.

“But we have not officially gotten off the ground. We are in the process of having various meetings and when we are satisfied that we are ready to move on, we will indicate that by informing the press,” she explained.

The acting assistant commissioner of police said nevertheless she is looking to have the unit fully operational by the end of this year, during which time there will also be a large sensitization campaign.

The Third Quarter Crime Statistics Report 2015 revealed that sexual offences recorded an increased number of accepted cases, with the number of rape cases being increased by 11.

Between the periods of January to September 2015, there were 194 accepted sexual offenses. There were also 102 detected sexual offense cases for this same period.


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  1. First of all let me congratulate you for taking on such a challenge, there is no denying that we needed this and it's here eventually. Knowing Mrs Pelius personally, I have no doubt that this is a challenge that she is well prepared to face and bring about positive changes.
    To the people who are on here posting comments about how she looks instead of seeing the positives in all this....I feel sorry for you, it's no wonder we will feel like we are walking in the same spot, even the positive things that happen with this country, you find know what....darkness fear light and it's because of people like you, people like Mrs Pelius are not giving up the great work that they do, because they are determined not to let their country down, and when fools like you come here and brag, it gives them the reason to be strong, and take the necessary steps to make sure that they are successful.....She is where she is now, because she wants to make a positive difference in her community, country and the entire world. I am smiling now because I know that one day ignorance will not pop his ugly head to disturb peace and tranquility!! Ignorance will die a difficult but peaceful death...while the people who are there to bring about changes continue to do so peacefully with the help of the most high whom we trust.


  2. Rape is introducing a cancer in a victim’s body and psyche. It leaves you broken; no surgery or medicine can cure. Catching the rapist goes some way in giving closure and help to the victim in his or her recovery. The persons who know that rape has been committed and do nothing, remember, ‘the harbourers’ of rape are as guilty as the rapists’.

    Crusita your service and fight for the rights of victims of sexual assault is invaluable. Your job is not an easy one and I commend you for taking it on. I pray that you will get the full backing and support of all decent, upright citizens in removing this scourge from our society.

    Congratulations in your new post!


  3. How comes she look soooooooooo daze? Did she forgot to turn on the lights in the back yard and feed the dog?


    • What an asinine statement. I swear, idiots pick on the most stupid and irrelevant things to comment/complain about. Of all the info laid out in this article, you picked on a facial expression.

      *Congratulations Mrs. Pelius. We are confident that you and your team will fully commit yourselves to the task ahead.


    • totally disgusting!!! Not surprise if you are a police officer commenting like this.
      We have a powerful woman at the front of this.... let me ask you. How much can you do??????


  4. This is long overdue and kudos to the RSLPF for finally making it happen. Best wishes to ACP Pelius and her team in fighting and resolving this abominable stain on our beautiful country.


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