ACP non-state actors to meet in Brussels

ACP non-state actors to meet in Brussels

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Mar 2, CMC – The African, Caribbean and the Pacific Non-State Actors (NSA) will be meeting with ambassadors from the African, Caribbean Pacific Group of States (ACP) and the ACP Regional Forum Secretariats in Brussels later this month.

The March 7-8 meeting is to further discuss the ongoing negotiations for the Cotonou Partnership Agreement that links the ACP with the European Union and which comes to an next year.

The NSA plays a very active role in these negotiations to ensure that the non-governmental entities such as civil society organisations and the private sector within the ACP are reflected in the Post Cotonou Agreement.

At the first meeting held in Brussels in 2017, a steering committee, chai5red by Dav-Ernan Kowlessar of the Caribbean, was established to revitalise and strengthen the voices of the NSA, whilst taking lead in negotiations on behalf of the ACP NSA.

The non-state actors of the Caribbean Forum, (CARIFORUM) met in St. Lucia in last December under the aegis of the CARIFORUM-EU EPA Consultative Committee (CC), reiterating that in order to fulfil its role and provide added value to the EPA implementation several issues needed to be resolved.

These include the monitoring and evaluation framework to be in place and implemented; the plan for meetings of the CC and to identify which organisation will act as Secretariat to the CARIFORM side of the CC.

“The resolution of these issues is vital for the CC to achieve its three main goals to be an advocate for the EPA, provide technical support and advice, and to increase visibility and awareness inter alia via the dissemination of information,” the meeting noted.


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