ACCT to step up resistance to cultural centre relocation

ACCT to step up resistance to cultural centre relocation
The National Cultural Centre (NCC) is Saint Lucia's premier arts and cultural event venue located on Barnard Hill.
The National Cultural Centre (NCC) is Saint Lucia’s premier arts and cultural event venue located on Barnard Hill.

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Members of the Artistic and Cultural Community of Saint Lucia have agreed on a number of new initiatives aimed at dissuading the Saint Lucia Government from pursuing its plans to relocate the National Cultural Centre and Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) headquarters from their location at Barnard Hill to a site at Union.

At a meeting, on Wednesday afternoon 28th March at the CDF conference room, called to update membership on developments relating to government’s proposal, the creatives reaffirmed their strong opposition to the Government’s plan and their determination to resist it.

The more visible and increased resistance will include a number of major public activities in which artists and cultural activists will utilise their talents to express their views and mobilise public opinion as well as regional and international support against what they regard as the Government’s illogical plans for the Cultural Centre. Artistes have also pledged to take their own individual actions in support of the cause.

Wednesday’s meeting discussed the designs for a new Cultural Centre at Barnard Hill which was prepared by the group’s coordinating committee – ACCT- and which has been presented to the Board of the Cultural Development Foundation. It was further decided that group should be formalised and registered as a legal entity.


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  1. Why is it that every time this government decide to change something or relocate something St. Lucians have a problem. When Labour party was in power and Kenny Anthony announced plans to change or relocate something no one opposed it. Not everything Chastnet does looks right but relocation of the Cultural Center is a good idea. we will get a much bigger place for entertainment like this with better and more parking, why are we against this?
    CDF claims that the proposed area is swampy; half of the parking area at Barnard Hill is a swamp. Where Kenny built the Stadium in V/Fort was a very big swamp and was backfield, no one had a problem with it. WHY NOW, WHY NOW. WAKE UP ST. LUCIA AND STOP BEING OR THINKING SO NEGATIVE; because as we think, so shall we be.


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