ACCT says government’s alternative site for National Cultural Centre totally unsuitable

ACCT says government’s alternative site for National Cultural Centre totally unsuitable
Panoramic view of inside National Cultural Centre.
Panoramic view of inside National Cultural Centre.

(PRESS RELEASE) – The group representing the Arts and Cultural Community in St. Lucia- ACCT- has declared that the St. Lucia’s government’s proposed alternative site for relocating the National Cultural Centre and the CDF headquarters away from Barnard Hill is totally unsuitable for a Cultural Complex.

ACCT explained its position to the Minister of Culture, Fortuna Belrose at a meeting last week to discuss the issue.

In a paper presented to the Minister ACCT stated: If Barnard Hill is ideal for a cultural complex, then the alternative site at Choc/ Union being proposed for a Cultural Centre is totally unsuitable. It is a smaller area of land- 1.5 acres compared to the 4.5 acres at Barnard Hill but more critically, it is prone to severe flooding.

As far back as 1999, a Consultant’s Report on the impact of Tropical Storm Debbie (1993) pointed out that this area would always be flooded whenever the adjacent Union River became swollen as a result of stormy weather. There is a more calamitous feature to that site – one that has developed during the last sixteen years.

What was a small pothole that suddenly appeared as these things do, has now mushroomed into a huge pond or pool which keeps on expanding at the same time as its perimeter is also continuing to collapse into itself. The suspicion is that it is a sink hole. In addition to this danger, the site is close to an active quarry and quarry dust is a menace to sensitive electronic equipment. It is simply not the place to build a centre for the arts and culture.

Then there is the exorbitant cost of buying that area of land. Based on the current market value of land in the area of the alternative site at Union, it is estimated that the cost of the acquisition of the land for the cultural centre will be in the vicinity of four and a half million dollars.

Why should the Government spend four million dollars to purchase land for a cultural facility when the current cultural centre is on a much larger amount of land which the Government already owns?

That amount of money is more than sufficient to construct a cultural complex along the lines that is being suggested by ACCT for Barnard Hill.


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  1. the ting is, we would still have to buy land to get the hall of just ice built. I do believe barnard hill is better suited for a hall of justice.
    why not just take the new location for the cultural complex proposed by gov't. Otherwise the ACCT will fund the new complex wherever it wants. How about that. We want things free and want o dictate what we get. Once the facility can serve its purpose. And now alone the quary dust is an issue. And its not an issue for the residents of the area??? Awa my countrymen only see things when it applied to them. How often is the cultural centre used as opposed to a courthouse? not as much.Of course a new building may be used more if it is well located.
    but noone can please my countrymen at all. Build a hall of justice anywhere, I mean anywhere, and they will cry. lawyer will be political about it and even citizens with no interest, who are never arrested, will say its badly located. Same for the cultural centre. No matter where its put they will conplain. They complain about where it is now, but they complain about the new locatoin. they complain about the price to buy the land, they complain where it is currently, may be too small,oh I forgot, its now perfect.
    let the ACCT build it where they want with their own money is my solution.
    Court needs to be taken away from town to allow town to be a place of business, not where criminals are tranfereed to and fro court.
    And BTW if the structure is placed in cul de sac, wont it be built to mitigate the floods since the situation is already known. ??


  2. So why not just refurbish or revamp the present cultural center expand on it,and raise the roof.Wouldn't it cost less and save more,in stead of spending 4 million dollars on a new building ,land and alk that crap.Aren't we broke,St.Lucia.


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