Vide Boutielle accident victim in stable condition

Vide Boutielle accident victim in stable condition

A man  who was hit by a vehicle on Saturday, August 1 on the dual carriageway of the Castries-Gros Islet Highway in Vide Boutielle, is “not doing too bad,” family members have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Ainsley Isidore, 20, of Desruisseaux, Micoud was crossing the highway when he was hit by a pickup, between 11 a.m. and 12 noon.

Family members told SNO that Isidore, who is a security guard with Alpha Security, was on his way to get lunch when he was hit, moments after crossing the concrete median barriers.

Isidore was stationed at M&C in Vide Boutielle at the time of the accident. He was transferred there on Monday from a hotel in Rodney Bay and has been with the security company for about six months now, family members said.

Isidore sustained a wound to the forehead, injuries to his rib area, a broken jawbone, and bruises all over his body.

Family members said a CT scan was conducted on Isidore at Tapion Hospital today and the results are expected to be ready tomorrow.

“He is not doing too bad. He is holding on but he still got a lot of pain,” Isidore’s mother told SNO.

Isidore in his work uniform. * Photo from Facebook
Isidore in his work uniform. * Photo from Facebook

The injured man’s sister said the driver of the pickup visited her brother twice since the accident.

“He spoke to us very kindly. He visited yesterday but we weren’t at the hospital and he came back again today to see us. We exchanged numbers and he promised to keep in touch. He sounds like a nice person,” the sister said.

She said her brother is still in “shock”.

“He wants the neck cast to be removed. He says he wants to go home because he has to go to work. I think he is in shock still,” the sister said.

Asked about the criticisms that her brother is receiving on social media, for not using the ‘cross over’, the sister said she is trying her best to avoid commenting on the issue.

She added that until something similar happens to the critics or their family members, then they would desist from being so heartless in their comments.

Isidore being attended to by emergency officials at the scene of the accident.
Isidore being attended to by emergency officials at the scene of the accident.
The pickup that hit Isidore.
The pickup that hit Isidore.

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  1. some people are scared of heights and the government shud think of that too and put something in place for us pedestrians


  2. In all honesty not ever one can use these cross overs especially if you are afraid of highs like I do....stop judging u don't know the reason y.....drivers still need to be careful


    • ok just so, yes drivers have to be carefull, but in that case pedestrians must be more carefull, because this highway is not to cross, there is a cross over made for people, drivers will not expect anyone to cross this highway, if you afraid of hight stop by a pedestrian crossing or wait on someone to cross the crossover with you, because on lest one don't get hurt the others will not take example, hope he get well soon, and i must say the driver is a very good person.


    • I suppose your fear of heights will probably be more injurious to your health if you use the crossover than if you get hit by a vehicle. Which do you fear most... an 18 to 20 feet uneventful (maybe a nervous one in your case) overhead crossing or a potentially fatal hit by a pickup? All that pain and suffering and potentially lifelong/permanent effect on ones physique IS NOT WORTH IT. The quick lunch was NOT obtained and everything that was being hurried for has come to a screeching halt. I feel bad for the guy but this could have been prevented. I have personaaly witnessed an incident like that before where a young man had both legs broken...FOR WHAT. The preventive solution is there. USE IT.


  3. I have never crossed the high way nor will I do it in the future. I always use the over head crossing so please learn too. And you people trying to make it look like what foolish thing Ainsley Isidore did was right should learn it the hard way too. M & C OVER HEAD CROSSING NEXT TO THE EXIT OF M & C


  4. Am so happy to hear the sister's remarks on how the driver has been dealing with the family since the accident.May God bless this gentleman.There are still some good people around.Hope your bro makes a complete recovery quickly


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