UPDATED: Accident victim dies days after accident (+video)

UPDATED: Accident victim dies days after accident (+video)

(SNO) –– A man who was involved in a motorcycle accident in Castries on Sunday, Sept. 2, 2018 succumbed to his injuries at hospital in the early hours of Wednesday, Sept. 5, according to sources.

He has been identified as Kimran Cooper, also known as Marco, who is known to live or frequent the communities of Wilton’s Yard and Morne Du Don, Castries.

Though details about the accident are sketchy our newsroom was told Cooper and another person was on the motorcycle when it crashed, but the other person appeared to have not suffered any life-threatening injuries.

They were reportedly transported to hospital by a private vehicle.

Cooper, whose photo and name appeared in an alleged police ‘hit list’ of criminals years ago, is well known to law enforcement.

In 2010, he was the victim of at least two shooting incidents, including an alleged police shooting.

He was arrested and charged for a robbery committed on Oct. 28, 2011, according to court records.

We will provide more details on the accident as soon as they become available.

Below is a video report by HTS, published on Youtube in Jan. 2010, with the following caption:

“The shots were fired early Tuesday morning on lower Victoria Road. Kimran Marco Cooper is now in critical condition at the Victoria Hospital. This is the second time he has been shot in as many weeks. Police say he is a known individual who is currently on bail for a number of burglary offences. Three men were alleged to have committed the act two men were later detained near the scene with ammunition and a 9MM shotgun – Police are investigating if they are linked to this latest shooting of Cooper.”


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  1. Don't be surprised, many more to come. Let them continue going to martinique to kill and rob people for their motorcycles. The voodoo catch up with him and soon to catch with many more riders and thieves of these stolen motorcycles from martinique. And those of you who care about your family plz advice them to not buy one if they are not totally sure that the bike is not stolen. Otherwise it will be their fruneral next. Majority of these people have gone to voodoo priests for their stolen stuff. So buy or ride them at your own risk.


  2. Just like most young men Marco as a result of his bad upbringing found comfort and love from the crew in the Graveyard. From a tender age he spent time at the Boys training centre trying to rehabilitate. I guess it did not work out for him. Yes he must have been a trouble maker and a bully, but he also was very courteous to those he respected. I knew him ever since he was an adolescent and though i heard of all of the terrible things he did. My experience with him can only be my truth. And so, I say to parents lets devote our time and attention to our yutes, lets not forsake them and abandon them. It is proven that parental neglect has a psychological effect on our yutes. Rest up Marco. From dust we came from dust we all shall return.


  3. A word said to an individual when living is more potent than a torrent of words when he is dead.
    It is your silence when this individual erred that made him invincible but it seemed that his vehicle skills proved otherwise.


  4. Like really reporter....juicy gossip is what u like! How a bike accident is on ppl life HISTORY...no one perfect! At least u knew of his probs...u should have helped him and not criticize...talk about ur own dirty secret past....Disgusting....thats y is assholes alone responding....haters....HE WAS A FATHER and THE BEST PERSON HE KNEW HOW TO BE TO THOSE HE LOVED!


  5. Oh my oh my oh my!!!!! Yes the Family Never Said he was a good boy. We all know the life he live.... Maybe, maybe, he was young, the place he live was the wrong place he had to live. God knows BEST THE WAY HE HAD TO LIVE. WHEN SOMEONE DIE ON A BIKE FIRST TO SAY IS A BIKE FROM MATINIQUE, NO ASK THE POLICE WHOSE BIKE IT WAS, AFTER A AGE AND CHILDREN COME IN OUR LIFE WE TRY AND CHANGE. HE WAS TRYING TO CHANGE.
    MAY HE REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!!


  6. Yh boy nice god is working 2 weeks 4 days ago u an ur friend kill my cousin agard. he next I won't call his name but he know his self u know what fork that Jamal u next then the driver


  7. Yes he die not you or your crew can pop champagne or drink Hennessy on his head haha yourll never got a chance to kill him he died of natural death he is with his maker mako own in front yourll own behind becareful what you say after joy comes sorrow enjoy yourll laugh


  8. Yes he die not you or your crew can pop champagne or drink Hennessy on his head haha yourll never got a chance to kill him he died of natural death he is with his maker mako own in front yourll own behind becareful what you say after joy comes sorrow enjoy yourll laugh


  9. Princess Pierre Louis you vex because your two brothers are natorious vollehs .. don’t worry their turn soon come baby girl .. they well known for breaking entry to hard working citizens home and armed robbery !


  10. What have we as HUMANS become?, so much evil and hate in a once peaceful and church going country; reading these comments you'd think the folks have no soul or heart.

    People are suffering and families are falling apart, we have to ask ourselves some serious questions because this is a reflection on all of us not just the dead. We are failing each other and need to change that. What are we leaving for the future generations to come? I can't imagine in a few more years what will the place be like if all these young men and woman at times are the ones who will be our leaders. We are in serious trouble and need a plan or plans of actions.

    Its time for us to change and take the necessary steps to make these changes.


  11. This guy robbed me a few years ago and justice wasn't given then.but God says vengeance is his..and it surely was his..


    • Shut the... up. I bet u won't say that to any of their faces. At the end of the day we should not wish death on no one. RIP MARCO
      Hail up Face Ramp gaga Pascal Jamal and all our other fallen soldiers for the i. Bless up


      • F you the only reason certain people wouldn't take out these vermin is because we value our happy life. He should have had a worst death the dog is dead


      • Fool hush your face. All who nah hear affi feel. And if you living that life then you ah go feel too. Badman time does come.


      • Soldiers ? That’s what they’re called now ?
        Wellllll that’s what happens to soldiers on the battle field.. THEY DIE.. combat or non combat.. THEY DIE..


  12. Why when someone alive he bad and when he died he was a good person. Y'all St Lucian are to hypocrite.smfh.if the Moto cycle was from Martinique there is no way he would servive


  13. Well boy it seems like the D-Block, Gaza and Graveyard man dying one by one or one after the other. After one time is another life proves that every single time. You can only do people wickedness and be bad for a time. You never crossed my path or anybody I know thank God for that but I heard of you crossing the paths of many others in ways that weren't good. Well all that can be said was that a bullet or anything else didn't take you out in a violent way.


  14. Why does it takes social media so that ppl to ACT embolden?on another hand if your name was mention on that hit list try to ensure you don't wound up in that hospital cuz you sure and coming back...in 2 weeks face and now marco.


  15. One more criminal off the street. One less criminal people have to worry about when walking the street.


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