Accident victim blames hit-and-run for Choc wreck

Accident victim blames hit-and-run for Choc wreck

img-20170102-wa0010STAFF REPORT – The driver of a motor car that crashed at Choc, Castries on New Year’s Eve night has expressed anger at the motorist who allegedly failed to remain at the scene of the accident.

Leroy Williams, 31, of resident of Ti Rocher, Castries, told St. Lucia News Online, that after hitting his vehicle, the other driver allegedly stopped for a moment then drove off.

Williams did not sustain any injuries, but he said his only passenger, his friend Simeon, was hospitalised for a blow to the chest. Williams said his friend, who also suffered a panic attack at the scene of the accident, was released from hospital on Monday (Jan. 2).
img-20170102-wa0011“The driver stopped for  moment then he moved out…. The man (Simeon) could have lost his life,” Williams said, describing the actions of the hit-and-run motorist as “a form of disrespect.”

“No matter what the consequences were I wouldn’t leave the scene. Material things can be replaced but a man’s life cannot be replaced. My car mash up and I can get another one, but a life is more important,” he stressed.

Williams said with the help of a friend, he has since obtained the registration plate number of the vehicle that allegedly hit him, and the matter was reported to the police.

Despite the unfortunate incident, Williams said he and his friend are happy to be alive.

He told SNO that on Saturday after 11:30 p.m., he was heading to Castries “to get some fuel” after dropping a friend off at Windjammers when the accident occurred.

img-20170102-wa0009He explained that the hit-and-run driver was speeding.

“He was in the inner lane and I was in the outer lane. He was just about pass me when his car start spinning out, then knocked me,” Williams said, adding that the culprit’s vehicle was coming so fast that he heard its tires “screeching”.

Williams said he noticed that the motorist stopped some distance from the scene of the accident then drove off. However, at the time, Williams said he was more concerned about the health of  his injured front-seat passenger, who developed a panic attack.

A joiner by profession, Williams said his car, which was extensively damaged, was important to his work, and he hopes that the culprit is caught soon.


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  1. ok but for the extent of your damage you must have had speed aswell bro. so you have to realise you aswell as this alleged hit and run fellow need to be more careful.
    If the car never passed you before it hit you, how the heck could you or your friend have gotten the number plate. dont go playing the blame game and cause an innocent man trouble for no reason.
    All the best. speedy recovery to your friend.


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