ACCIDENT UPDATE: Tiffany Felicien’s condition has improved

ACCIDENT UPDATE: Tiffany Felicien’s condition has improved
Tiffany Felicien
Tiffany Felicien

Tiffany Felicien, the younger sister of Lisa Felicien who died in a vehicular accident in Bexon Friday, Nov. 30, is no longer in critical condition, according to reliable sources.

According to reports, Tiffany, 23, of Ravine Chabot, Castries, sustained a broken arm, both legs were broken, bruises and internal bleeding.

Police reports earlier today stated her condition as “critical”, the same condition as the two other survivors of the accident, but relatives say she has now been stabilised.

This comes as welcome news to many St. Lucians after false rumours circulated like wild fire today that Tiffany had also succumbed to her injuries.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) was initially inundated with queries about the authenticity of her reported demise, but our news team eventually confirmed that she is still alive.

SNO also understands that Tiffany is unaware that her sister has passed, and the family is asking the public for privacy in this difficult time.

Tiffany’s older sister, Lisa Felicien, who celebrated her 34th birthday just yesterday, Nov. 29, succumbed to her injuries at 4:20 a.m. – about two hours after the accident – at Victoria Hospital.

According to police, a white Suzuki Swift motor, registration number HA 7574, driven by Lisa, veered off the right side of the road and slammed into a wall. The accident took place between 2:00 and 2:30 am on the Bexon public road.

Parts of the mangled car had to be cut in order to remove its occupants.

The other occupants in the vehicle – 26-year-old entertainer Lance Montoute aka Mac 11 of Ravine Chabot, Castries and 23-year-old Kernetta Fontenelle of Cas En Bas, Gros Islet – were admitted in critical condition.

Media reports say both legs of Montoute were broken while Fontenelle is paralyzed from the neck down and will be flown overseas for spinal and neck injuries.

SNO understands that the four were heading home from a party held at Gaza, a club and bar in Bexon, when the accident occurred.

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  1. Thank God that u are alive cuz I am praying for you too and just can't wait to see u much better not in all this pain I love u cuz Mac Eleveen and the family does to we are thinking of u my boy.


  2. Hang in their mac , could remember u making me laff , I know by gods grace that your legs will heal and that you will be back on your feet.


  3. We are all sinners and come short of the glory of God. All this clubbing and partying is not of God. We should always be ready as none of us knoweth the day or the hour. We have to live our lives for the life to come and not be consumed with the pleasures of this world. Pray constantly and always have our mind focused on God constantly asking for forgiveness and witnessing to others about Christ and try to save souls for Him.


    • shut uppppppppppppp!!!!!!! accidents do happen and I hope no one dies in an accident on the way to or from church! SMH


    • It's like this person is saying that they deserved it because they went for a little celebration. Choops! Worse things happen in churches than in clubs. All your righteousness does absolutely nothing to comfort the family and friends. Have a heart!


      • Worse things do NOT happen in church. That's an idiotic statement not supported by FACTS. 'Oh My!' is saying if the vehicle occupants weren't out at the club on that particular night, they would not be in the predicament they're in now. We as St. Lucians enjoy the ill's of life more than celebrating God. Yes, an accident can happen at any time, but more so at night (speaking from experience) because of fatigue, being drunk, sleepiness than going to church, to the grocery store, etc, etc. I wish the injured persons a speedy recovery and my sympathy goes out to the family of the deceased. God Bless.


  4. Speedy recovery Tiffany and Lance from the staff, past and present students of the Bocage Secondary School


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