UPDATED: Accident on dual carriageway

UPDATED: Accident on dual carriageway


IMG-20150725-WA000UPDATED – A sports utility vehicle (SUV) crashed into the concrete median barrier on the dual carriageway on Saturday.

The accident occurred between the Gablewoods Mall and Sandals Halcyon.

It is not clear if anyone was injured.

“Since the SUV involved in the accident was blocking the entire lane, vehicles were using half of the sidewalk to continue their route. That’s what the stones are for (see photos),” an eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online.

No further details available.

Reports are that another accident occurred at around 10 a.m. near the Gablewoods Mall involving two vehicles.


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  1. You got it wrong call the police man and offer him a grease up nothing less than a 350.00 and you'll have this report instantly. Damn bunch of crocks !


  2. seriously in that corner you losing control that fool is just a bad driver i was making him pay for the median


  3. Will the Government borrow millions of $ for the convenience of these idiots who drink too much and do not obey the Rules of the road -- or of anything in society for that matter. It would be madness to build bigger highways, thinking drivers will drive more defensively.
    Save us the headache of having this nation mortgaged to the teeth, so to satisfy the thirst for speed. God help us.


  4. The Subaru did hit a vehicle on the other side (terios). In that vehicle was a traffic cop's wife with his 2 sons, 2 and 7 years old. Could have been worst thanks the good Lord no one was injured.


  5. 2 vehicles were involved. The Subaru hit an incoming suv on the other side. A traffic police officers wife and his 2 kids were in the other suv,2 and 7 years old boys. Could have been worst thanks God NO one was hurt.


  6. I wonder how long they'll wait for a police report.I've been waiting for Months from an officer who seems to be always on sick leave or off.


  7. The suv and a black Subaru car were racing and the SUV ran into the median. Happened just in front of me. But the black car never stopped.


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