Accident on dual carriageway

Accident on dual carriageway

IMG-20151008-WA003 Several vehicles were involved in an accident on the Vide Boutielle Highway Thursday afternoon, Oct. 8, 2015.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

About three vehicles were involved.

The accident occurred on the north-bound lane, near Peter & Co. Automotive Division.


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  1. "...near Peter & Co. Automotive Division"?... hmmm.... definitely incorrect. The photo clearly shows the Admac building with Brawo in the background so this is right next to the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School just before the entrance gate.


  2. May i suggest to the 3 blind mice J Pierre, PS Infrastructure and Head of Traffic Department that they do the brilliant thing and put speed bumps on the dual carriageway


  3. That's not Peter and company in the photo more old admac building possibly by the comprehensive school


  4. Another nascar driver got in an accident? No way,say it ain't so.I thought they were all "professional" drivers.hmmm


  5. Yeah I convince tha whole area there including the school have a blight...... The persons who put it there , please remove it before school pass in you' ll nonsense.....


  6. Y isn't that those drivers not being vigilant on the road. To many useless accident happening on our roads


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