Accident on Bexon Highway – Friday, March 31

Accident on Bexon Highway – Friday, March 31

17619709_342080222855330_1602419261_nAt least three persons reportedly sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident on the Bexon Highway on Friday, March 31.

The accident occurred after 8:30 p.m. and involved at least two vehicles, a minibus and a pickup truck.

The injured persons were transported to hospital via ambulance.

Their condition is unknown at this time.

No additional details available.



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  1. Traffic laws in St Lucia is a "JOKE" . This is the reason why we are having so many accidents on our road ways. New amendments must pass so our roads can be safe.We have roads not "RUNWAYS"


  2. Fartypants says:
    Where do they get the minibus drivers from?
    Are they taught to drive like pussies? Do they have to pass a special idiot test to be given a drivers licence?
    Are they rejects from Golden Hope?
    Are they a special kind of stupid?
    Please enlighten me.


    • Farty pant hold your scunt. Did it ever cross your retarded mind that the other driver may have caused the accident.


      • Highly unlikely.
        By the way someone has to speak up about these crazy drivers.


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