Accident in Dennery (photos)

Accident in Dennery (photos)

18471171_10209198235305201_683045687_nAt least two persons were injured in a motor vehicle accident in front the Fond D’or Park, Dennery this afternoon, May 11, an official has said.

The incident involved a collision between a car (registration #3369) and a minibus (M355) after 4 p.m.

Two children sustained minor injuries and were transported to Dennery Hospital by ambulance, the official said.



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  1. I must say he is a very cautious driver. His first accident from years of driving, so something went wrong. speedy recovery to those with minor injuries.


  2. Most of these bus drivers don't care about the life's of passengers. Yesterday I was travelling on a Castries to Vieux Fort bus, and the driver overtook another bus in a corner. I got off that bus at the next bus stop. I took another bus to get to my destination. Smh at these drivers.


    • it wasn't the driver's fault, i was in the accident with my little brother coming from school.the car just swung in front of us and the driver tried his best to stop the bus but we ended up knocking into the car
      (that was in a line of traffic)


  3. As far as I'm concerned,I have never heard this bus driver in anything like this..everyday isnt christmas but something must have been completely wrong..he is a very good driver...I wonder what seemed to be the problem..but thank God it wasn't too serious..hope the people who got hurt are doing okay..


  4. As far as I'm concerned something must of been completely wrong ...everyday isn't Christmas but I have never heard this bus driver in anything such as this ..he is a very good driver I don't know what seemed to be the problem I wonder


  5. people drive any how in st lucia there is no law... they need to do something about the speed limit. add more stops lights all over the island. it will cost lots of money so start issuing tickets and take that fund to install more traffic lights.


  6. Minibus drivers having a competition to see how close they can drive up to the vehicle in front without making contact. This one lost.


  7. One question... was it a vieux-fort bus? Cause i definitely know how crazy these vf drivers drive!! Thankfully nothing was serious


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