Accident on Bexon Highway

Accident on Bexon Highway

12167107_10156231218185232_1574838048_nA collision between a Bordelais Correctional Facility bus and a pickup along the Bexon Highway, near a Kamakie’s Auto Parts, tonight, Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015 has resulted in injuries.

One man was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

It is not clear if other persons were injured and what caused the accident.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) received news of the accident at around 9:35 pm., but it is believed the accident occurred much earlier.

More details later.

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  1. If saint lucian drivers would not take heed to warnings about driving recklessly on the BEXON ROAD. Some may have to feel. I believe it's time to start a campaign against reckless drivers in thus country.


  2. da man was liming, face it he was also speeding and on the wrong side of the road late for his duties. mate don't take job seriously - minister needs to step in and issue written warnings to all their drivers to obey rules of the road or lose the job.


  3. Ok Terry, how many drinks did you have at the Sarrot Bridge River Lime? Director Guard there were no accidents with Bordelais vehicles for the past twelve years and there have been three major accidents in the last four weeks, you need to get on the ground and find out what has changed, your senior and middle managers are setting you up for failure by not enforcing the established controls. You current operations is too loose, Correctional officers are not police officers and you are not a Commissioner stop acting like one. Corrections is an art nothing like policing.


  4. There were two vehicles in da accident why is it dat everyone is talking bout SLG this and bordelais that. It cud hv been da pick up at fault. Wtf. This guy is a good driver. Anyone can b involved in an accident, careful or careless. We must stop our nonsense always pointing fingers. May this driver n anyone else injured in da accident get well soon


  5. What is the cost to the tax payers ? How many correctional vehicles are left or in garages ? Are any of these drivers non- alcoholics or drug free ? How often are these drivers tested for drugs and alcohol ? What criterion is used to select those drivers ?


  6. It is not only bordelais drivers that drive recklessly (and yes they do drive recklessly), majority of people who drive company vehicles are also culprits. They don't practice safe driving at all. Hence the reason you start seeing "how is my driving... call bla bla bla" behind many of these vehicles... we must drive to save a life people.. slow and steady wins the race.


  7. St lucia government please set the example by having road worthy vehicles on our roads. Too many SLG vehicle collisions. Plus too many of your drivers going to rum shops whilst on duty. Btw where was the driver going at that time with the government ride on a Sunday.


  8. Bordilais vehicle again? I see no reason why these guys should be driving so fast and reckless. I strongly believe they are busy fitting illegal transactions in their work schedule and always rushing to get back to work on time. Watch what happened to the young girl in forestier. She now have to live the rest of her life with one leg. Drivers can we stop hurting innocent people out there. Every time we jump behind a wheel can we please tell our self, seat belt, can't be late twice and I am driving to save a life?


  9. You see what happens when there is no responsibility. The guy who plowed into the family in Forestiere and resulted in one child's foot being amputated had another vehicle driving the week after. The driver wreaked of alcohol but nothing for that. He is a cop so that ain't nothing right. This is St.Lucia where we are happy. There is no accountability and when people get frustrated and take it out on others the law is quick to be laid down. They can take the law and shove it. Tanto Tanto!!


  10. Why is it drivers in St Lucia are always in a rush and always LATE. When the government puts more charges on drivers bus fare should remain the same. This would cause the bus drivers and all mini bus drivers to have to police themselves and report fellow bad drivers to the relevant authority. . Action has to start somewhere. ..
    Also all drivers of government vehicles should take regular awareness courses. . Speed really hurts in st lucia.....


  11. Ok,this seems to be happening all too frequently with corrections vehicle involved in serious accidents.
    As i said in my last piece about the Young man killed on his bike near bay gardens last week its not about blame but about fixing a situation to prevent it repeating itself.
    There may need to be an across the board training of all persons involved with operation of any government vehicle.Police,fire men,ambulances,customs,corrections,civil servants anyone who drives a government vehicle in the line of their duty must have taken a defensive driving course.
    The government needs to lead by example and take road safety more serious.


  12. AA ...Last couple a months ...what is this sabotage ? First the truck in d fatal. Then the Ford Van . Now the transit ... Bordelaise in the Plot too ?


  13. wop, hope u get well soon. god is good all the time. thank god that u r alive. get well cause u gotta come back to work.


    • guess this was an accident involving two Bordelais busses right moron? could the other driver not be at fault, bunch of idiots, yes you are one.....


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