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Accident at Roseau

By SNO Staff

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Roseau accident: The female in the passenger seat (right) sustained injuries, while the driver was trapped.

Roseau accident: The female in the passenger seat (right) sustained injuries, while the driver was trapped.

At least one person sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident on the highway in Roseau this morning (April 30), according to official and eyewitness reports.

The accident occurred around 7:15 a.m. and involved a collision between a dry goods minibus (registration #TG5565) and a Mitsubishi Lancer motor car (registration number not immediately available), an official said.

The injured person has been identified as Simone Cox of Vanard, who was in the front passenger seat of the car, the official said.

The driver of the minibus, Cornelius Edmund of Roseau, was not transported to hospital, and the driver of the car, a female, was trapped but appeared to have escaped serious injuries, an eyewitness said.


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  1. Read majority of comment's , and you'll ate not positive at all.
    Needs to think of something to curb all those accidents on our road.
    As if it's OK to have accidents, common people.
    On my birthday I was almost knocked down by a young boy with no licence, and never stop to say I'm sorry instead speed off sending dust in my face.

  2. Driving with no sense.. Lack of road wisdom if there is such a thing .It is enshrined in Many St.Lucian to attend every appointment late ,be it church ,work school, leisure etc.as a result there is always a last minute rush to their destination. We also take into consideration the role alcohol plays and general poor driving decision that we make on a daily basis

  3. I left st lucia over 25 yrs but I read the news every day and just about every week there is a road fatality. ....slow down lucians

  4. I don't think it's illiterate drivers at all. Statistics will show that 99% of the accidents on our roads involves young people. The ministry made it mandatory to complete the defensive driving test prior to renewing licence but apparently this still does not help. My dad and so many others I knew drove well into their 80s and most never had an accident. Experience has a lot to do with it. Many of the young people over the years who have perished on our roads had to do with being inexperience. If a license is granted after one attains the age of 18 how comes we have had so many young ones perished behind the wheels at age 18-21. This means they lack the experience needed to manouver on the roads. In that case parents should be speaking to their kids before they take the wheels.

    At that age they are all inexperience.

  5. I drove in st.lucia for the first time since I move away 20 yrs ago.I was amassed that people did not even know the speed limit although it was written all over the highway.
    The speed limit is 64km/hour or 40 miles/hour. Because I was scared of driving so i drove the speed limit while trying to stay on the left side of the road ,people were overtaking my car in corners where they had no clear view of oncoming traffic. It was crazy.st lucia doesn't have big enough road to drive 100mph but I saw people driving even faster than that.
    Lucians please be careful.the life you save could be yours or someone else's.

  6. Barberella dancers

    Most of you All blaming the drivers , yes I agree . But also look at how our roads are constructed, i.e small roads , way too many corners , no speed bumps . Just to name a few . Also poor road markings , lamp poles too close to road edge , derelict vehicles all over the place i.e bexon, Marchand, RockhRockhall etc . Even pedestrians have no regards for vehicles.

    • And you think any of what u wrote caused this accident? SMH. Either the drivers were in their phones, driving over the speed limit or simply blind.

      • Or negligent not looking left and right before they leave a gap..LUCIAN DRIVERS TRADEMARK...JUST STICK MY NOSE!!

      • The phone story.. My gosh the bus drivers do this so often... Take calls when driving...

    • Could you imagine what would happen if they gave you'll wider roads

  7. OH MY GOD.... All i have to say is that accidents happens any and every where around the world. No doubt that there are reckless drivers........ For some of these people writing those comments, you need to go back to school to understand how the world works...... i , OR WE SHOULD BE VERY GLAD THAT NO NO DIED.... What world does some of you live in..... SMH.

  8. Good point jacline

  9. Jacline..... Amen St.lucian drivers cannot drive,and i think sometimes illiteracy have alot to play in.,People cannot read,maybe its English Vs Patois.The government need to implement driver's ed for each driver,such as defensive driving,when st.lucians drive its like the roads finishing.Some people should not be driving.Their minds are to foggy and working under spiritual entities.And you'll dont pray.I want to know whats the rush.you'll must have an appointment to with Hell.You'll turning our roads into dead end roads.Everyday Satan drinking blood,and taking you'll lives.Then you'll will say God wanted him or her.Really try living until old age,God gives everlasting life you die of old age,thats God.Anyother form of dying us Satan.Stop speeding,thats suicide.

    • Why not shut your dam face, the lady is a former principal and been a driver for over 40 years. You all like to open your ass and talk shit before knowing facts. There is a shed built on the road reserve which obstructs the view of the driver coming from the gap. Basically neither of the drivers was at fault.

    • Can this woman called Sharon Terrel shut up for once? Never a sensible contribution? People like you should not have internet. Always assuming. Dunce.

    • u will never become immortal cuz fairy tales are for kids grow up morons!

    • Why u putting st.lucians down have u ever been to Trinidad or Guyana or even Barbados or the u.s . I have and we are damn good drivers u know not wat u speak of so left the comments it seems u not a Lucian

  10. st lucia needs to invest in radar guns. There's no reason why they country should be so backwards. Start handing out speeding tickets. Good way for extra revenue and to also revoke licenses

  11. St.lucian drivers just can't drive, they cause to many accidents. Good Drivers drive defensively, obeying street signs, speed limits etc.

    Most of them just love to show off, they have very weak driving skills if any. They drive like they on a suicide mission. Overtaking around corners, going 60 plus mile/hr on a two lane road, the list goes on.

    A bunch of illiterate drivers and riders occupying the roadways.

    • And especially so the bus drivers . putting passengers life at risk

      • I agree totally with that, scares me stiff going on buses, a lot of them do not appear to be well maintained and because of the $$$ they go too fast, seeing if they can get in another round .
        Not good.

    • First and foremost what is a good driver it is not a skill already known it is one acquired and honed overtime so there is no really good drivers anywhere but accident happen when there are factors to contribute to its occurance and the vehicle is a machine it cannot act as quickly as human reflexes so once in motion it moves in a general direction. Till it is gradually directed to do otherwise

      • Shut up ,Just shut up !!"There are no good drivers any where" HA !!

        Please be quiet !!

        You talking crap !!

  12. I heard the screeching and the impact, that road is one of the only straight roads on the island, people always race along there. People keep your speed down! So many accidents on that stretch.

  13. Just leave the pedestrians alone eh - with all them driver incidents and accidents. People needs more defensive classes - to learn to avoid!!! shit on the roads ....

  14. What's the rush people take it easy on the dame roads

  15. Jesus needs to step in


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