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Accident at Forestiere

By SNO Staff

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car-accident-graphic-5251Several persons sustained minor injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Forestiere, Castries this afternoon, an official has said.

The accident involved a sports utility vehicle and a minibus around 4:30 p.m, the official said.

At least two persons sustained injuries. They were transported to hospital via ambulance.

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  1. Too many retarded drivers on the road. Accidents will happen yes, but ant the rate accidents are happening in the country something is definitely wrong with Saint Lucian drivers. NO DRIVING SKILLS !!

  2. Lord put a hand. He cannot put a hand when you'll not praying. Pray and he will answer. Seek and he will deliver.

  3. Tooooooo many accidents.Lord put a hand.Every day is BLOOD SHED.Where are we, where are we.

  4. Slow down people slow down, for heavens' sake.

  5. Them boys cannot drive... help them father.


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