Accident at Barre d’Isle

Accident at Barre d’Isle

IMG-20150811-WA000A Suzuki Escudo ran off the road and plunged down a precipice in the Barre d’Isle this morning.

Reports are that three young males were on board and they sustained minor injuries.

The accident reportedly occurred between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.



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  1. They must have not made it to the bottom of that precipice and most thank God for that. We all should learn from whatever caused this accident.


  2. lets get them out of the way
    - drugs they was dealing
    - kenny that cause that
    - dem young fellas driving too fast
    - they were drunk


    • Before you leave your house. Before you leave your home, be sure you check in with ALMIGHTY GOD; because even if something happen to the car, HE already knows, and will take care of it.


      Do not rush out for the newspaper first...
      Check GOD's word first; to find out what HE is saying to you for the day ahead!


      • one should have to remind anyone to know God,that's a must not a priority........ Fool......but you can tell someone to check their vehicle, the brakes,engine may need water, that's a priority, that can save a life,so shut your A........S.........S.......... About rushing


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