‘A Woman Speaks’ seminar promises fun and inspiration for women

‘A Woman Speaks’ seminar promises fun and inspiration for women

(PRESS RELEASE) — When a woman speaks, she roars; in love, passion, pain, vocation, or righteous anger.

On June 2, 2019, the seminar, “A Woman Speaks” will honour and inspire the fabulous fierceness that is the Saint Lucian woman.

Ten inspiring women will share their stories of resilience and joy and to lead conversations with the audience around the life and experience of real women.

The event, at the Bay Gardens Resort, begins at 3p.m. Our speakers, real women not lecturers, will not deliver a plastic speech but will speak to the audience directly from their hearts.

Among the phenomenal women featured at this event, are noted media personalities Natalie Jolie Fanis, and speaker Franny Solomon, Keasha Anthony, Waveney Cenac-Alfred, Cherissa McLean, Xylaw and Souyenne Hackshaw. Our special guest is Kenita Placide, executive director of ECADE. A human rights activist for many years, in 2013 she was named The Star Newspapers Person-of-The-Year.

The overall theme of A Woman Speaks will be joyful affirmation. While it will explore sometimes harrowing experiences, such as the strength to move on after death, pregnancy and childbirth, self-love as a rape survivor, the event is structured to promote positivity, health, spirituality, and wealth both financial and emotional. We will also talk about sexual liberation and fun, and feature exciting performances from female artists such as Linda Chocolate Berthier, Melva and spoken word poet Janice Hector.

A Woman Speaks is an event from the group Where Ladies Talk, created by Sanue Joseph as a spinoff of the popular talk series The Soup, which she produces. Within a month almost five hundred (500) women joined this vibrant FaceBook group.

Where Ladies Talk is about women discussing issues, venting problems, expressing interest and feelings with other like minded women, to share resources, tools, and conversations that will uplift and inspire us all to become leaders in our own lives. Their need for such a space is the impetus for our seminar A Woman Speaks.


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  1. sounds like a bunch of narcissistic bullcrap to me. " When a woman speaks, she roars; in love, passion, pain, vocation, or righteous anger." lol wtf is this crap? I hope this cray for attantion is ignored. Stop painting women as helpless victims. Women are just fine. Infact, their issues are put far above those affecting men/ young boys. focus on the issues that affect you children if you want a noble cause to champion. Stop regurgitating this over used narrative from north America.


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