A re-commitment to development

A re-commitment to development

(GIS) – Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet has called on Saint Lucians to recommit themselves to the development of the nation. The Prime Minister said this is the opportune time for Saint Lucians, as a people, to develop the skills and mindset that would set us apart from the rest of the region.

“The theme for this year’s 41st Independence anniversary was well chosen,” he said. “It follows last year’s rallying theme for us to get all in. As an independent nation, we have responsibilities. While outside countries and institutions would give us a helping hand, in the final analysis the task of developing Saint Lucia, is ours. Our people must play a part in building a nation we can all be proud of now, not later. As I have said before, Saint Lucia, it is our time but we must work together to shake the habits that continue to stifle our country. It is time that we together identify the simple ways in which we can do our part to make Saint Lucia a better place. This is what togetherness means.”

The Prime Minister said that the aim in the long run is to empower all citizens, to offer them equal opportunities to realize their potential. He said the gains that we make will be multiplied ten-fold if we move together as one nation, united in a common purpose, loving and respecting one another, with tolerance and understanding of each other.

“More and more the social problems confronting our country have their genesis in practices and habits that start small,” he said. “We ignore them in our homes, in our schools, in our communities and the reality is it comes back to haunt us all. When will it stop, unless we put a stop to it? Saint Lucia, the advent of social media has given us a great communication tool, but instead we use it to hurt each other, spread gossip and sometimes even malign our own country without considering the consequences. This is a call to action; a call to develop a change in attitudes. Let us collectively take stock and recommit ourselves to Saint Lucia, to take control of our own destiny.”

The prime minister addressed the country on the occasion of the island’s 41st Anniversary of Independence, on February 22.


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