“A Mother’s Love” — Mother’s Day poem by Titoa Savery

“A Mother’s Love” — Mother’s Day poem by Titoa Savery

From the first day that she gets confirmation that there is a life growing inside of her to the day that she takes her last breath, and even to the great beyond, a mother’s love can never be denied or questioned.

If ever you look to define the Epitome of Strength, Courage, a go-getter, influencer. One who is capable of making the impossible possible-like, working a 16-hour shift and coming home to be a nurturer, having to use scraps or leftover foods and making dinner look like a five-course meal, and also never complains. I want you to look at the woman standing or sitting next to you because it is her, she is a mother.

A mother gives unselfishly to her child/children without having to ask because she wouldn’t know how to do any differently. Her love is unconditional because to love any less would mean that she isn’t fulfilling her duties as the giver and protector that she ought to be.

A woman who beams with pride and joy, who would trade night clubs to play superwoman, scaring monsters away, who will undoubtedly trade in sexy outfits for messy hair and baggy clothes, and put her entire life on hold just to ensure that her child/children’s future is secure, is the definition of a mother.

A Mother’s Love can move mountains and cross the deepest seas.

A Mother’s Love can give courage and hope to all in need because when God created a woman he knew that when she becomes a mother she would be the greatest gift that the world would be graced with, for she can carry it’s weight on her shoulders.

Happy Mother’s Day!!



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    • This is an ode to mother (to mothering) -- a spotlight moment for her. A time for everyone to acknowledge the role she plays in their lives. Now I know ‘daddy-mammy’ or ‘MaDad ‘that plays duo roles in his children’s lives and he should also be embraced.

      In many parts of the world there is an annual father’s day. His sprogs wax lyrically then.


  1. To all good enough mothers, happy mothers’ day, today and every day. There are no pedestals, no trophies, so take a bow and do a curtsy. Well done!


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