A look at St. Lucian author Romain Dolcy

A look at St. Lucian author Romain Dolcy
2016-12-23-04_44_22-press-release-slunewsonlinegmail-com-gmailPRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucian author Romain Dolcy brings a new flare and flavour to writing and captivates his audience with a different style of the craft.
His stories and poetry have been described as motivational, inspirational and emotionally charged. Romain Dolcy grew up in Micoud, St.Lucia where he spent most of his youth.
He attended the Micoud Primary School and in 1999 began his journey at the St.Mary’s College in Castries, St.Lucia.
Writing was always something that he was passionate about as it was a form of expression for him. In 2003 Romain and his mother Diana relocated to Saint Croix, U.S.V.I. where he started learning to fly at the age of 15. He started modelling professionally and was also a dancer for a while. As much as he had going on he felt that he was being called to the education world and became a teacher. He was very loved by his fellow staff members, students and parents alike.
Romain was very well known  throughout the community and he used that popularity to spread positive messages and encourage others by writing poems, short stories and plays that would speak tremendous volumes to the audience. In 2008 Romain moved to mainland USA to the small state of Delaware. He continued modelling for a brief period and in November of 2012 he released his first book Emotivations, a collection of poems. In the first three days on the market his book sold over 10 000 copies!
Emotivations became a bestseller and surpassed the young authors expectations. In January 2014 Romain released his second book another collection of poetry: The Verses of a Man. This time the poems were more personal and depicted a more mature Romain. He shared many life experiences in both his publications and sent out strong messages of encouragement to his readers. In April of 2014 he released his first full length work, a novel titled Paradise: A Hidden Truth the first installment in a Trilogy.
Romain has explained that he is at a point in his life where he learns to accept things as they come and find peace with life and the daily encounters. In August of 2016, he was diagnosed with cancer. He expressed that at first it hit hard and it felt like he was fighting a losing battle but was encouraged to find the positive and make light of a dark situation. He goes on encouraging, inspiring and motivating others to live life to the fullest and make the best of every situation. He continues his ministry through his group Involve.
When asked about his career, sales and about his successes he responded by saying “Success is not how much money you make, but how many lives you have changed… it’s about your journey and what you have learned on the way.” With the Christmas season being upon us, Romain has decided to make two of his titles free via Amazon. His Novel Paradise: A Hidden Truth (Rough Edit) will be free from Amazon Kindle from December 23rd to December 26th 2016. Also be sure to check out his other titles on Amazon. Connect with him on Facebook,

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