“A History of St. Lucia” available for sale at SLHTA Office

“A History of St. Lucia” available for sale at SLHTA Office

The 400-plus page book records the island’s geological formation and subsequent Amerindian occupation, through colonization by France and England to the rise and fall of the sugar industry, the tribulations of slavery, the Brigand wars, Emancipation, the struggle for independence, dignity and respectability, the birth of trade unions and political parties, the demise of the sugar industry and the social revolution created by the advent of bananas as an economic emancipator.

Principal driving force behind A HISTORY OF ST LUCIA was Dutch-born Jolien Harmsen, one of the three authors, who has lived in Vieux Fort since 1994 and holds a PhD in Social History based on research done on the island.

Another author is former Director of the St Lucia National Trust Robert Devaux, who has spent a lifetime promoting the conservation of St Lucia’s natural and cultural heritage and has several published works to his credit.

The trio of authors is rounded off by journalist Guy Ellis, whose career has run side by side with the island’s more recent past and who has written books on St Lucia as well.


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  1. they should make this available in schools.. we know so little about our country. shame on us. I remembered when UWP was in power.. they said they would build a museum after the amerindian remains were found on cas en bas beach.. I dont know what became of the remains and perhaps the plans for the museum was sacked... Some say you need to know your past to know where you are heading.. well sorry to say i know lil of my past.. ask me about christopher colombus , mayas and incas i can tell you


  2. You want to know A-Z about St. Lucian history? That is the book you need. I bought mine. If you are St. Lucian living overseas then this book must be in your home library. Nothing comes close to it. Highly, highly recommended. You may see your family name in there, and the part it played. Essentially, who you are.


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