Family from Oleon, Dennery the first SNL Christmas winners of Toyota Rush SUV

Family from Oleon, Dennery the first SNL Christmas winners of Toyota Rush SUV

(PRESS RELEASE) – Kimberly and Stephenson Martial are the first winners in the SNL Cars and Cash Christmas Promotion of a brand new Toyota Rush SUV.

The reveal was done on Friday, December 6, 2019 at the official draw presentation.

The promotion from inception created a buzz that two lucky gamers would drive into the new year with brand new SUVs in addition to winning $80,000 in cash prizes throughout the 8-week promotion. The day finally came when our first winner would be selected.

Kimberly Martial had absolutely no idea she had won anything initially. When that phone rang, upon hearing a male voice, the SNL representative quickly asked for Kimberly only to find out that she was not around. Her husband Mr. Martial was on the receiving end of the call that would change their lives.

After having heard that it was SNL he quickly enquired in an excited tone whether his wife had won money or a car, we did not disclose, but rather asked that his wife call SNL urgently. Within minutes, Kimberly returned the call and was informed that she had won.

She tried to contain her contentment but her family on the other hand could not, as we heard the screams through the phone.

Mrs. Martial took a deep breath and calmly asked “Can I come for the car now?” and the rest was history.

The moment of the handover was upon us and the Martial family were ready to receive the keys to their brand new Toyota Rush. As expected emotions overcame Kimberly as she recalled losing her job only a few days before the announcement.

Her husband, Mr. Martial an upholsterer was in the process of attempting to secure a vehicle at the time. Imagine the expression of relief and excitement on their faces as he no longer had to face any institution to fit the bill given their present situation.

It was then he mentioned “Once I gave my wife some money she would secure her $10 to buy her lottery tickets.” We all chuckled.

Mr and Mrs Martial, thanked the SNL team and left a few words of encouragement for players out there informing them that in order to win you need to be in it.

With that said, don’t be left out as there is only one Toyota Rush SUV and $25,000. Be sure to get your tickets as the promotion ends on December 27th 2019.

Ensure all entries are filled out correctly and placed in the second chance boxes islandwide. Final draw takes place on January 10th 2020.

Congratulations once again to the Martial Family. Compliments of the Season to you all from SNL.

The St. Lucia National Lottery currently boasts sixteen Instant Scratch games and seven online games.

Visit to see the full video of the official handover to the Martial Family plus any lottery updates. Be sure to check us out on IG @slulottery


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