A DARK SIDE: letter and photos from a tourist

A DARK SIDE: letter and photos from a tourist

There is a dark side to St Lucia; that being litter, trash, garbage and debris.  (SEE PHOTO GALLERY BELOW ARTICLE)

Perhaps the people of St. Lucia do not realise what a beautiful island they have or perhaps they do not care.  St Lucia – simply stunning/the litter – simply disgusting.

Everywhere you look you see plastic bottles, bags and shred of plastic, styrofoam cups, take-out containers and broken sheets, old clothing and shoes, tin cans and tin foil, candy and chip wrappers, rope and fishing nets, metal debris, construction materials and old vehicle parts, just to mention a few.

People dispose of their trash by throwing it out the car window, dropping it on the ground as they walk or wherever they can find a place to dump it, never giving a second thought to what they are doing.  This is common practice which has been going on for many years.

A large amount of this material ends up in the drainage ditches and after a heavy rain most of these materials are washed into the sea; calypso in turn washes them onto the beach where it sits amongst the rotting sea moss for everyone to enjoy until the government-paid beach cleaners rake and clean it up.

St Lucians should take pride in their island, treat it with respect and care for it; they do not make islands anymore.  The government needs to introduce an anti-litter programm, promote “a clean island” campaign, develop recycling and educate the people.  They have done this in Grenada and it is working very well.

If this practice of discarding litter continues St. Lucia will be buried under a huge pile of rubbish. St Lucians will be like rats trying to find their way through it; tourists will stop coming and St. Lucia will no longer be beautiful.

I hope the St. Lucian government will take on an initiative to do something about this problem.

Yours truly,
D. Hesse/a tourist


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  1. We were here in January 2015 and were shocked by the amount of rubbish we came across.Beautiful beaches and landscape but as soon as you exit the tourist areas, you are overwhelmed by piles of rubbish everywhere. Very much hope that a long-term solution is found and implemented asap.


  2. There are some materials like plastics that do not decay easily and will lay around for well over a century and as we continue to dump we build an accumulation of debris .We dump poisonous chemical substances such as used motor oil into our rivers and then consume the crawfish and take showers in them. There is also an indiscriminate of weedicides which end up in our waters. Talk about an increase in cancer causing agents. excessive debris create tripping hazards as well as breeding grounds for bacteria and pests. The education should begin at the elementary schools.


  3. A tourist didn't need to tell us we are a salop nation. Shame on us!

    Look how bad it floods in Castries just after 15 mins of rain?

    Its because we are slowly destroying the island with our nasty habits.

    We like to wait for foreigners to say something before we take action about about social problems.

    Litter is just as deteriorating to our society as crime, unemployment and poverty.

    Soon our "simply beautiful" tagline will mean nothing to the rest of the world.

    We need to end this foolish mentality of littering. You re not creating jobs for CCC workers by dumping your rubbish on the road. You are only causing the government to spend more money on waste disposal, and flood prevention and rehabilitation because all he garbage is literally killing the island.



    • The Shadow, you hit the nail on the head!

      'You're not creating jobs for CCC workers by dumping your rubbish on the road' is at the root of the problem.

      That and the issue of simply not caring.


  4. Negative publicity for St. Lucia. Although this medium is great for the latest news, it will also be St. Lucia's downfall


  5. we need to keep St.Lucia clean cause its ours we owe St.Lucia that much.
    It has been a long time since St.Lucia is buried under a large pile of rubbish and we like rats trying to fine our way through.


    • Amen, Lucian! Helen would not be too proud of us if she saw the state of her petticoat now, would she!


  6. Let stop putting our heads in the sand and deal with the problem There is a problem , we all know it. Stop blaming the messager!!!!!!


  7. Take a look around the City..How many garbage bins do you see around? Just some small bins that are even smaller that what one can find in a home. Goes to show you the importance they place on keeping the city clean. A few mini garbage bins which are filled up just by two take out food containers. Says alot!


  8. The plastic bottles need to be recycled. The water and soda bottle companies should buy back the plastic.That would give people some thing to do.Re cycle is the main incentive for people to clean up the beaches.They would get paid for doing it, and the government would not have to pay people to do it.Them make people pay fines for littering.I went with a groupe the national trust to Anse Basion in VFort we cleaned the picnic area of empty rum bottles and plastic .We sent 3 of four fishing full of garbage to Vieuf Fort the folowing week there was the same amount, that we had removed. What is the answer.