A comforting message to those thinking of suicide (Letter to the editor)

A comforting message to those thinking of suicide (Letter to the editor)

suicide-981The news of another suicide is concerning. Unfortunately; young men taking their lives have become so common place that it’s hardly alarming anymore.

The tragedy that one’s circumstances could feel so hopeless that their only way out is death is so heartbreaking.  I too can relate to the feeling of not wanting to be alive. Often times it’s even hard to thank God for another day.  However no matter what you’re going through, you need to know that there is hope. I’m not speaking from vain unfounded optimism but real experience. It gets better.

To every person out there; our ever so vulnerable young people, you need to know that despite the situation, you are here for a reason.  It doesn’t matter how difficult your life has been, how much pain you’ve gone through – you are here for a reason.

You could have been an unplanned unwelcome surprise; you are here for a reason. No matter the circumstance surrounding your life – there is a reason. You are here for a reason; your life has meaning. You were created by God for a purpose. No mistake or mishap that occurs in your life can take away your value or God’s plan for you.

He loves you perfectly and doesn’t measure your worth by your performance; how good or bad you do. In fact he says: “what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer the loss of his soul.” This scripture may seem misused but if you pay attention for a while you will realize that here God is speaking of your value. According to the passage, you are more valuable than the entire world, all the oil in the east, the precious metals and priceless jewels can’t compare to you. You are worth more than the world.

Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Don’t let any situation cause you to think anything less. You are valuable. No matter who treats you differently remember you are valued by God. He loves you and has a plan for your life. Everything you’re dealing with is to help you become who God intended for you to be.  Although he didn’t send the circumstances, he is able to work all the negatives for your good if you’d let him.

In life, things get bad but God is always good and whatever you are going through will get better if you commit your life to him and trust him. He will uplift you when you’re hopeless and may be the only reason for your hope but the fact is – there is hope.

You can only find hope in this life. When you’re gone it’s too late now. So to everyone fighting to see the light, looking for hope and can’t seem to find it; if you’re ever contemplating suicide, before you do that, call on God.  Open your heart, tell him how you feel and let it all go then watch. He will not only hear and comfort you, he will answer and you’ll find – there is hope. It gets better.


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  1. For all the people who commit suicide, many more attempt it and still many, many more contemplate it. There are times when nothing seems to work, when you've done all that you can and all that you've been asked to yet, it just doesn't work. You just have to keep moving and get help. Speak to someone, let them know how you're feeling; what you're thinking. Just ask for help! You may be surprised how many will be willing to assist.


  2. Exceptionally written letter. Goldie, I don't believe many young people actually read "Letters to the Editor" Judging by some of the comments to Anthonys' suicide article some individuals just go on there to gossip. They have no sensable comment/s no empathy for the young man or his family. And thirdly polictics seems to find itself in EVERY news article. If there's no rain for three days it's the Government/Oppositions' fault.


  3. To the writer of this letter..... You might have just saved a life. Your words were felt so deep for I have have been suicidal and the thought still sometimes cross my mind even being the one who is always making everyone happy but hide my true emotions behind a smile.. I believe you are indeed a gift from God....Thank You!


  4. Wow!!!! Great letter. It's funny how some of us have so much to say or write when persons take their own lives. But now that someone has written this wonderful letter we are mute. Thank you to the writer for this inspirational and motivating letter..... This topic is dear to my heart. I have never contemplated suicide, however, I am a family member of someone who did... I was left behind with so much hurt... Please stop judging those who have taken their own lives... let Jah do all the judging, instead pray for the person and also those they have left behind.


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