A call for pride and dignity as Saint Lucia celebrates Independence

A call for pride and dignity as Saint Lucia celebrates Independence

Less than ten days before the grand celebration of the island’s birthday on February 22, citizens and the private sector are being encouraged to promote the spirit of independence.

A number of major activities will highlight the celebrations but organisers are creating an independence hype in the lead up to the 34th anniversary.

Cabinet Secretary and Chairperson of the Standing National independence Committee, Daryl Montrope, says the private sector is very important to the success of independence.

“All business places,  organisers  put out new things. We getting close to Valentines and if you walk through town all you see is red and white; the supermarkets, if they don’t have red and white, they put out all the wines and chocolates in your face as a marketing initiative, so what is preventing businesses from doing the same during independence and put out the blue, yellow, white and black of the flag and encourage people to wear the colours with pride because it is the country’s birthday on February 22nd  and everyone should know that date and be able to market the event without waiting for someone to say it is coming up.

“There were pre-vat sales, why can’t we have an independence sale or an independence promotion?  All of this can be done and I should not be telling the private sector how to do its business, but they should be able to see those opportunities. And am saying if no one tells them to do it for Valentines and they can see marketing and business opportunities for these calendar events, there is nothing stopping our businesses from doing the same for Independence”.

The cabinet secretary is also encouraging citizens to play their part in making independence  memorable by supporting the activities and wearing the national colours  proudly.

He says it is also an opportunity for citizens to review the history and develop new ideas for the continued growth of Saint Lucia.

Independence 34 is being celebrated under the theme “Unlocking Our Creativity – Transforming Our World.


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