A call for governments of the region to invest more in cricket

A call for governments of the region to invest more in cricket

President of the West Indies Cricket Board David Cameron earlier this week  made a courtesy call on Youth Development and Sports Minister Shawn Edward during an ongoing visit to Saint  Lucia.

President Cameron’s courtesy visit was an opportunity to strengthen and allow for greater collaboration between the government of Saint Lucia and the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB).

Discussions made by the two parties placed a great deal of focus on the development and improvement of cricket in the Caribbean region.

Cameron highlighted the need for WICB to have greater presence in the islands, especially during tournaments.

“Since I have been president, I have gone around to all the countries. The idea is to have a much closer relationship with the governments in the region. There is a lot of talk about government interference. I just want to make it clear that where we are about government interference in the elections of the officers of the region. We need governments support, we need governments for the stadium, we need governments for investment in the youth and so their support goes without saying,” he said.

In addition, Minister Edward emphasized  the need for high performance centres in all the islands as to produce “world class” athletes.

“It is one thing to be an excellent cricketer, to produce an excellent cricketer, good bowler, good batsman, but you need more than that to succeed in the international arena, these days. With that kind of planning, I am encouraged and as a government we are going to invest heavily in providing the infrastructure in Saint Lucia,” he said.

President  Cameron was accompanied by the President of the Saint Lucia Cricket Association Julian Charles and the Corporate Secretary for the WICB, Verlyn Faustin.


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