97-year-old woman suspected of being raped

97-year-old woman suspected of being raped

Police are investigating reports that a 97-year-old was raped at her home in Mon Repos.

The elderly woman, who lives alone, was reportedly treated at hospital and discharged.

A reliable police source said the woman’s house was burglarised and several items are missing. It is also alleged the woman may have been buggered.

However, while the police have confirmed receiving the reports they are unable to confirm any details.


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  1. Some of those comments r soo typical st Lucian. Mesieur rape is not sex. And can never have anything to do with sex. Rape is a criminal act like murder. Get it please......


  2. This is very disgusting. The govt cannot be blamed for this.....however stricter penalties for sex offenders and have sex offenders known to the public....their picture,address,all their information and part of the punishment is to start in castries and then vf with a sign saying "im a sex offender"


  3. To the lady who said she is prepared to fight, I understand your frustration. I am both frustrated and angry at what these demonic rapists are doing.

    But while you are saying that you'd fight back right now, the reality is that many of these victims are unable to fight. When one of these rapists come at you with a knife or gun, there isn't much you can do. If you try anything then death is certain. I have spoken to one victim in particular. You won't believe the horror she went through. Tears.


    • I am sure many women especially the ones who live alone are preparing themselves. So dont discourage the woman who says she is prepared to fight. Perhaps you should empower the ones who say they dont know what they will do. Preparing yourself mentally has alot to do with the way you handle a situation when it arises, whether you choose to scream, run or fight.


  4. TO THE PERSON WHO COMMITTED THE CRIME....Please turn yourself in to the POLICE at 98 my grand aunt shud not have been violated in this way




  6. With all these rapes I wonder how these guys in parliament/senate feels. Those guys who makes the LAWS OF THE COUNTRY. God hear and sees all things.


  7. Thanks to those who came out tonight at the st anns parish. At this present moment we are having a service. The person who did this is not sick and have no problem. To bull this lady cause u couldn't get to have sex with her then stole from her again. Soon ull know ur fate. Like she said before she die everyone will no who u are


  8. So where da pepper spray? Majority of these crimes are unsolved, what really is the police or government doing.When one of da minister's wife is raped or one of the female ministers then something will be done.For now all the politrickans will just continue to "TALK"


    • My pepper spray and knife sleeps right next too me each night and holds my hand in the day. I'm waiting for one of these low lifes


  9. what i cannot comprehend from that is having the guts to do that to an elderly lady who can't dear do anything for her self. if that's the case how can a male think of doing such crime. if he has the heart to do this to woman at this age what would he do to a baby. man to tell you the truth you will burn in hell and back time will catch up with you soon. you evil prick...........................


  10. I was thinking of letting my wife and daughter visit for a vacation but this madness has changed my mind. It's okay they'll visit another island instead. Your police need to be more vigilant. You're starting to loose business.


  11. our current leaders are involved with the kingdom of darkness and the citizens are reaping the rewards.


    • Don't blame the Government. They are not in the homes where men are learning their values and morals. What are these men learning from their fathers. Sadly women are seen and treated as just a vagina! When men start standing up for the woman and respect them. Stay faithful to their wife's and stop having their girlfriends, then there will be a change in the mindset of men and woman.

      First get your house in order, before you blame the Government, the devil or whoever you normally do.

      Accountability is not a very strong point by the commentators of this page.


  12. We living in the last days, men heart is going to get cold. They will be doing things we never heard of before. Satan knows his time is almost up and he have a lot of idle hands and he is using them. This is nothing believe me when I say it's going to get worse. Some of us will wish we were not born. Repent and be baptize, Jesus is coming soon.


    • Things can only get worse when responsible people do nothing and accept evil as inevitable. For some people doomsday will always be around the corner.


  13. Kenny is a Joke for putting the police force in this compramising position, IMPACS, what a laugh. I giving the police my fool support to shoot ...... them little punks that making things harder for the hard working St Lucian. As much as I know there are lots of corrupt little shit heads in the force we should also let the police know we are backing them up and giving them our support. St Lucia has reached the point that it's becoming like or even worst than Jamaica. My gosh man, my fellow Lucian people we have to do something to get St Lucia back to where it was, and the first thing that needs to be done is to vote these clowns out of office cause it's obvious Kenny and company are not delivering in any way shape and form in the betterment and development of St Lucia. I mean at least put more resources and emphasis on the crime situation for crying out loud, but nothing. " WAKE UP MY PEOPLE" cause if you stand up for nothing you're the cause of the problem.


  14. i gues wat rick wayne said is true what clothes women wear has nothing to do with rape but its the sick and twisted minds of the individual performing this ungodly act


  15. When will it end? Only God knows. Something needs to be done Prime Minister, ministers, church leaders, police officers, lawyers, parents citizens...Mary Francis.
    Our hearts are bleeding


  16. Believe me, as a woman I am prepared to fight till the death if one of these idiots dare attempt to violate me. No way I am giving in, somebody must die!!!! This is so frustrating, week after week after week some son of a gun just cant seem to stick his cock in a banana tree. Gheeze man...


  17. Lord please have mercy on my island i pray
    What has happened to my fellow St.Lucians?
    Don't we have no fear of God. 97 years old she could be your great grandmother, the devil is at work, our young people are sick, people turn away from our wicked ways. The blood of Jesus Christ against anyone who committed such heinous act on the grown woman. Hope u are arrested and get the full blunt of the law. But that's st
    Lucia we are talking about. Mercy mercy lord.