9-year-old Jamaica schoolgirl found dead was strangled: post-mortem results

By Loop Jamaica

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Kadijah Saunders

(LOOP JAMAICA) – A post-mortem report has revealed that the death of nine-year-old Westmoreland student, Kadijah Saunders, last Tuesday, was caused by manually strangulation.

But, according to a close family member, the police have not informed them whether the grade three New Works Infant and Primary School student, whose body was found partially nude, had been sexually assaulted.

The results from the post-mortem examination were released on Friday.

The body of the nine-year female student, who was of Bog district in Westmoreland, was found in bushes in her community.

A police source close to the investigation has indicated that the 13-year-old male student from the same school that Kadijah attended, and the same community where she lived, who was taken into custody in connection with the gruesome discovery, is expected to be charged soon.

Reports are that about 8:00 p.m., the body was discovered in remote bushes by members of a search party after the child’s parents did not see the young girl return from school that day.

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  1. It's so sad, children killing children. I feel sad for both sides of the family. I wonder what this boy maybe going through, what kind of family life he is living. It's sad all around. On the other hand he still have his life, and the little girl have lost her life. I pray for all partiies involve ......

  2. I am so saddened by this. I dont care about his age. He know exactly what he was doing. You are 13 and u know how to rape a 9 year old girl and strangle her. They better give the family justice. Do not feel sorry for him and say he young. The young generation is disgusting these days

    • Children are too sexual expose these days. Before children had to find a dirty magazine or video tape to see sex act; now it right on their cell phone. And since a highuge percentage of children have cell; there's a chance that a high amount of them have seen sex act and look at it. There the parents thinking she was safe walking home with a group, and it turn out the devil was at work through a child in the group. PIP baby girl.

  3. We live in a sick work that has moved away from our moral values due to the quest for sexual, monetary and worldly satisfaction. In addition our children are confused by those so called stars like vibes cartel etc who are pushing their way of life on the vulnerable who are sometimes themselves searching for answers and cannot find them.

    • You are so wrong for putting kartel in your shit...you and all of them are hypocrites....kartel is only mirroring what goes on in the world...FYI for decades american tv have been illustrating the same..out of every singer in JA u had to pick kartel even he's presently incarcerated.il bet my money that her parents doesn't have the same thought as u knowing that she was named after ADIJAH....KADIJAH

  4. I would love to receive follow ups on the outcome of this poor child.....the person/s involved must be sick to do such a thing to an innocent child..

  5. The People who have the graphic crime scene photos of the child circulating on social media, have a heart!
    If this was your child or family member you would not have wanted all and sundry to see them like that.
    Disgraceful humans....

    • Yes I thought it was horrible. Imagine having pictures of your child all over the world like that. Horrendous.

  6. When I received this news via whatsapp I was so saddened, my eyes began to water. Poor little girl, the trauma she faced at such an innocent age. SMH. Lord , oh lord I pictured if this was my niece who's only 5(God forbid), thank God my niece's and nephew's parents drop and pick them up at school.

  7. Poor baby..Babies killing babies too..That little 13 year old boy took a parh of destruction.I wonder how.

  8. for goodnes sake people what are you all doing. this is someones child they love and adore and for you to be doing someone child that.


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