9-y-o girl murdered in Grenada, teen charged

9-y-o girl murdered in Grenada, teen charged

(CMC) — A teenager has been charged with capital murder following the discovery of the body of a nine-year-old who was missing for close to 72 hours in Grenada.

According to the police, the 17-year-old is scheduled to appear St George’s Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday where it’s expected that he will be remanded.

The police say the teenager has a previous criminal record.

Meanwhile, the death of the nine-year-old student – Ariel Bhola – who would have celebrated her 10th birthday in December, brings to 12 the number of homicides so far this year.

Her death has led to mounting calls for the state to approve the necessary legislation to establish a sex offender’s registry.

On Tuesday during the weekly Cabinet briefings, Acting Social Development Minister Nikolas Steele said that he is in support of such a registry.

Steele said the Child Protection Authority will be provided with the additional resources as the Government looks towards establishing a registry of sex offenders.



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  1. Charity begins at home was he molesting her previously I wonder because I understand he is well acquainted with the family, most time these rapist kills the victims because they are recognised by them. RIP little angel


  2. Evill has entered this world since sin we call teach our children protect our children as best we know but the bottomline is we nees Gods protection lets pray for one another each morning and eveing give thanks God for our protection plead the blood of jesus christ on our young
    Speaking from experience only God can adequately help


  3. as usual people saying what wont work but not one idea as to what will.....what would a sex offenders registry do? this is only one of the methods that would be used to identify these individuals when they come into a neighborhood, would you not like to know if there is someone in your community who may have the potential to be a threat to the females around you. we also need therapy for these offenders. hate to hear some saying these islands like these islands crime rates are high, we are talking about an island that in any given year its total murders are 2


  4. Politicians cannot see past their own noses about crime nor can frankly anyone in this islands. Would a sex register have saved this 9 y/O's life? Ridiculous. Law enforcement is one answer, the other is the judicial system and the third is the people. When people in those islands begin to respect the rule of law then and only then will we be freed from the bondage of violent crime. But it must be a societal change of mindset. A zero tolerance of crime and a political will to do some radical things to avert and procecute crime vigouroisly.


  5. What will a sex registry do that won’t stop the crimes from happening this is really sad and these islands keeps following the USA which clearly as we can see these don’t work


    • You afraid your name enter on registry. A registry would we an excellent idea, now lets have some more discussions on solving crime.


      • See a prime example of the mediocrity the Caribbean has to deal with am giving an option and you wish to act like a child yet still you have you name tag as .... let me tell you one thing in case you didn’t read it at all he was known to the police meaning he is a criminal now that being said knowing the Island unless it’s Has changed most folks knew each other 90% of the time we knew about what folks did because lost of us love to gossip so am sure the people in that neighbourhood must have known this guy had been a criminal before and yet still no one took any steps To ensure the kids or other folks were safe so what is your point because pin pointing him out and not taking steps to address the actual issues or men disrespecting woman etc etc and not address the family values, not taking a real look at ourselves and actions yet still you think a registry would solve this! Please take a look at what you saying and come again if you wish to speak as an adult


        • It is not simply writing names on a register the aim is to restrict his/her movement, employment and deter behaviour that harms the community. This can have a direct impingement of the individual and his family. For example a sex offender may have to leave his own home to safeguard vulnerable family members. He may not be able to be employed where he may be in direct contact with vulnerable people.

          However policing the register is a different matter. It would involve others in the community being the eyes and ears of the law, reporting any infringement. Employers must also play their part and scrutinize all potential applicants, no matter how menial the work. In a small community there is very little hiding place if everyone is vigilant. The individual has forfeited a life without monitoring!

          Most of these perverts are hidden by their families because sadly it takes one bad member to taint everyone. If you are related to someone on the register you are also subjected to scrutiny and you have to prove that you are not living at the same address or in regular communication to keep jobs where you have safeguarding responsibility. Who wants to undermine their own social standing for the greater good– that is the real challenge?


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