80-year-old T&T man threatens to sue ex if she doesn’t come home

80-year-old T&T man threatens to sue ex if she doesn’t come home

(TRINIDAD NEWSDAY) – AN 80-YEAR-OLD man has threatened to sue his ex-common-law wife of 15 years, with whom he started a relationship when she was 35.

Now that he is feeble and walking with a stick, he says, she has gone back to her previous husband, but he wants her back.

Harripersad Maharaj, of Central Trinidad, is contending that after devoting 15 years of his life to their relationship, during which he gave her $200,000, his common-law wife has gone with the money, but he wants it back even if he has to sue her in the family court.

Maharaj, who was 54 when they met, affectionately called his companion “Chunkee.”

In a pre-action protocol letter his attorney sent on his behalf, he bemoaned that he has reached a stage in his life where he needs her to care for him.

Attorney Stephen Boodram, who sent the letter yesterday to Chunkee, said Harripersad met her in 1992, after her husband left her. Harripersad moved into her house and in the letter, he said he became Chunkee’s handyman, lover and husband.

“I attended to all your needs and wants,” said the letter, which bears Monday’s date.

The pre-action protocol letter threatens to file a lawsuit against Chunkee to recover the $200,000 which Maharaj said he gave her to keep for him during the course of their relationship.

He recounted his life with Chunkee between 1992 and 2007.

Harripersad said in his letter that he held Chunkee’s hands in front of Lord Shiva’s murti and they vowed they would live as man and wife, “after your husband left you.”

He said he provided her with pipe-borne water, and built a wall and drains around the house. He even said in the letter that he bought them a new mattress to sleep on and they made love regularly.

Boodram’s letter said that Harripersad did not stop there in demonstrating his affection for Chunkee, having bought her a kitchen sink, a glass showcase and new furniture for their living room. He drove her to work, bought her lunch and also paid legal fees in a land matter she had in the High Court.

Harripersad said he drove Chunkee to work five days a week and on Saturdays and Sundays, he took her out for Chinese food.

Also during the course of their cohabitation, the letter said, he gave her all his money to keep, which until recently, amounted to $200,000.

But 15 years later, in 2007, Harripersad said, Chunkee left the house and returned to her previous husband.

In fact, she remarried him, and such was Harripersad’s love and affection for her, he even cooked the food for the wedding.

But Harripersad said although Chunkee went back to her previous husband, they continued to see each other.

“Although you were married, you continued with the common-law relationship with Harripersad so that he can continue to make love to you,” Boodram’s letter said on his client’s behalf.

Harripersad is contending that now he has grown old and walks with a stick, Chunkee has stopped seeing him, refused to take care of him and also refused to repay the $200,000 he entrusted to her.

He is calling on Chunkee to return his money within 28 days or face legal action, vowing to sue her for property adjustment and maintenance.


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