UPDATED: 8-year-old struck by vehicle in La Clery

By SNO Staff

An 8-year-old girl was struck by a vehicle in La Clery, Castries Friday afternoon, Sept. 29.

The victim, Eyanna Stephen of Active Hill, La Clery, sustained a deep laceration to her right leg and was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance.

Eyanna currently has a neck brace pending x-ray.

The accident occurred after 4:30 p.m.

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  1. The police can't be everywhere mom.ane there is nothing wrong with an 8 year old walking the streets.

  2. PLease before posting comments get the facts - She was WITH her mother - She was not walking alone - Unfactual comments .like this seems to be the basis of discussion in this Island!

  3. The drivers don't respect the roads they don't slow down when they see a pot hole they rather go around it at the same speed, drivers need to remember the road do not belong to them they to think about on coming traffic and please remember the roads in St Lucia is very narrow so drivers you need to be more vigilant.
    No child should be walking anywhere in this crazy world alone especially at those tender years, you know the word is full of physio

  4. 8 year old struck in la clery,why an 8 year old walking alone without being accompanied by an adult.I would never let my 8 year old walk on street by themselves,especially with all these predators and rapist out there.And why the hell you'll wounr Slow down in St.Lucia.No body cannot walk these streets withkut getting run down,gun dowAnd there should be seriously effective traffic laws that implemented,laws that work,not laws laying redundant on shelves.These son of a bitch them drunk,under influence of drugs and demons killing people,St.lucia,St.lucia get going with these laws.And by the way where youll traffic police them.you'll not ready.Is like criminals running the place.Youll not tired of the same dog vomit everyday damn.

    • She wasn’t alone stupid don’t say what you don’t know.

    • She was NOT walking alone - She was WITH her Mother!

    • She wasn't alone don't be quick to say what u want I tried to crab her out of the way when I saw the car approaching but it still ended up hitting her

    • calm down...you need a hug

    • She was with her mother we sometimes to quick to judge get the full story I have a saying if you can't say something that makes sense don't say anything

    • This is st. lucia - lives must be lost before people react or for the public to make the wrong become right before an incident occur. Worst is pending to happen by the road cross on the highway by Camel Henry School. I fed-up asking the police to station someone there, but awa incompetency is at it best.
      I hope she make a proper and speedy recovery. In the USA the parents would have been charge for of host of neglectful offences. smh

    • Were you there How do you know she wasn't with someone ? 8 year olds go to and from school on their own all the time, maybe she went to the near by shop.
      Don't jump to conclusion. You probably can have your 8 yr old with you all the time some of us can't.

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