Eight students to benefit from CSA scholarship awards and bursaries

Eight students to benefit from CSA scholarship awards and bursaries


PRESS RELEASE – The St.Lucia Civil Service Association has awarded eight (8) scholarships to members’ children to pursue studies at the secondary school level, beginning the academic year 2015.

The scholarship awardees are as follows: –

MEMBER/PARENT                           PLACE OF WORK                                            NAME OF CHILD

Thomas Robert Prospere                 Water and Sewerage Company Inc.             Sami K. Prospere

Shernelle Jules Prospere                 Sir Arthur Lewis Community College           Shamara Jn.Pierre

Christiana A. Victor                            Ministry of Agriculture                                      Kerick Victor

Celeste Portia St.Catherine             Crown  Lands                                                   Arijay James

Sylvia Cazaubon-Gabriel                 Victoria Hospital                                              Akil-Omari Gabriel

Michelle S. Charles                           Ministry of Legal Affairs                                  Sjodin Charles

Ivaline A. Joseph                                NEMO                                                                Mikale Z. Daniel

Betty Blanchard                                  Ministry of the Public Service                        Amani A.F. Barrow

The criteria used for selection was: –

-The two (2) highest scores amongst members’ children.

-Members’ socio-economic status as well as their level of participation in the Union’s activities.

Seventeen (17) bursaries valued at $500.00 per child, have also been approved by the Education and Training Committee of the Association.

All CSA members who applied for a scholarship or financial assistance and did not receive scholarships or bursaries from any other institution received a bursary.

All of the above mentioned awards, as well as our existing scholarship recipients will be presented on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 from 10:00 am at the CSA’s Auditorium, Sans Souci, Castries.


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