75-year-old ‘Gaza Nani’ arrested for running small ‘cocaine empire’ in Suriname

75-year-old ‘Gaza Nani’ arrested for running small ‘cocaine empire’ in Suriname
Nankoemarie N

(CMC) – The arrest of a 75-year-old grandmother on drug related charges is resulting in people hilariously trolling police and calling for her release.

The woman had been arrested on Tuesday after police raided her home and found that she was running a small “cocaine empire” from her house in the western Paramaribo.

The arrest of coke Nani (granny) Nankoemarie N. has become such a hot topic in the country that the hashtag #FreeGazaNani has been trending all day Wednesday.

One of the memes in circulation

Prior to the arrest of the woman, police had caught a group of teenagers selling crack cocaine in Piano Street in Victoria Park, a neighbourhood in Kwatta, in western Paramaribo. The boys, ages ranging from 15 to 20 years told police that they were selling the narcotics for a woman with one of them identifying her as his aunt.

When police raided the house, they did indeed find a large amount of cocaine inside. They also found proof that the boys were selling the drugs at her behest. The grandma was immediately arrested. The boys were also kept in custody.

The case took an unexpected turn however, when people nicknamed the woman Gaza Nani — a play on the Gaza Strip’s terrorism reputation and the woman being as tough as a terrorist — and started calling for her release.

“Free Gaza Nani, she is so inspiring. Girl Power Female Power! Let her go. She is a well-respected drug dealer who wasn’t selling kilograms, but just a couple of grams here and there so she could buy bread, milk and masala,” one person joked on social media.

Another person, who said he had spoken to one of her customers, said the she could easily rival the big dealers.

Then someone found a photograph of the bespectacled Gaza Nani clad in a pristine sari, grinning widely and throwing gang signs, and that only served to further fuel the virility of the story.

The hashtag #freegazanani quickly started trending, with many people joking around about the case, but some hinting seriously that a little old lady did not belong in a cold prison and that police would do better to go after big drug dealers. Some also pointed out that the country is in a sad state when its elders have to resort to crime to stay afloat.

Media reports said that Nankoemarie went into the drug trade to augment her retirement income.

“When she started having trouble walking, she asked her nephew to help out and together with friends of his she built her own little drug empire,” the report stated.

None of this has been confirmed by police.


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  1. It is a shame to see that this "gazanani" has young children selling cocaine for her empire. and instead these people allow the law to service justice, they are here shouting free her??!!! but a young person deserves to face the highest punishment of the law? Let this woman face her punishment. she knows better! smh...human race fight for all the wrong things. SMALL empire BIG empire...illegal is illegal! some of you saying free her maybe have family members strung out on her very own drug! free her my A*#


  2. This shitstem is design to the point where you will either end up being the buyer or the seller...ridiculous but possible...do u think cocaine is like a fruit from a tree?..No,they send their scholars to the finest universities for bachelors,doctorates,masters and all sorts of degree to come up with invention like those(yes a scientist created coke).off the counter drugs and then turn around and made it legal in their domain and illegal to the public and impose all sorts of brutality and cruelty against persons for indulging.


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