7 years in prison for stabbing man to death

7 years in prison for stabbing man to death

A 23-year-old man, who was just 17 when he stabbed a man to death over a dispute on a bus, will spend less than seven years in prison after he was found guilty by jury.

Neil Alvin Peter yesterday, April 16, 2013 received 12 years imprisonment for causing the death of Kenrick Edwards, but Justice Francis Cumberbatch discounted his sentence by five years due to his age at the time of the incident and the fact that this was his first conviction. He will also receive credit for time served on remand.

According to court records, the homicide stemmed from an incident on July 6, 2008 at Choc near Samman’s Park.

On the day in question, Peter, then 17, was attending a school-sponsored “bram” at Samaan’s Park. Upon leaving the park after the event, the court heard that Peter and some friends proceeded to a bus stop located opposite the park.

The group was among several people awaiting public transportation to Castries central.  A mini bus stopped and several persons boarded.  An argument commenced between several passengers and the bus driver as a result of the fare he insisted on charging the passengers.

During the course of the argument, Peter was physically removed from the bus by the deceased Kenrick Edwards.  A further physical altercation ensued, and the deceased was stabbed several times by Peter with a pen knife.

Peter was indicted on the charge of murder by the Director of Public Prosecution and pleaded not guilty to the charge.  His Attorney Leslie Prosper contended that his client acted in self-defence.

During the trial, it was determined that Peter co-operated with police from the beginning of the investigations.  He produced the weapon and submitted his clothing into evidence.

Witnesses in the matter gave testimony, which also established that Peter was heavily under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

In handing down the sentence, Justice Cumberbatch made reference to the pre-sentence report generated by the probation department, which stated that Peter was a troubled child whose life had been plagued with incidents of misbehaviour and drug and alcohol abuse.

Though his conviction record was clean, court records indicated that was involved in at least two known incidents of a violent nature which resulted in his remand at the Bordelais Correctional Facility.

And while on remand, Peter was involved in at least one incident of insubordination which resulted in him being disciplined.

Cumberbatch also stated that Peter’s particulars were alarming because of his youth and because of the extensive violence of the crime.  The judge noted that his quick response to anger and his drug and alcohol abuse needed to be addressed.

Besides his sentence, Peter was ordered to attend counselling sessions for anger management, drug abuse and alcohol abuse, and attend educational classes at Bordelais as he had already expressed interest in them.


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  1. I really believe that too often in St. Lucia we make excuses for the rash decisions of persons... Being very familiar with the Criminal Justice System in St. Lucia, i can safely say that no single person is ever arrested and charged for their mere innocence.If this guy was convicted of this offence, or simply charged, it means that statements were provided to the police by persons present and as a result a deduction was made and presented to the court. i totally agree with this judge in that this guy was too quick to anger. If it was genuinely a case of self defense, why wasn't this reflected in the witness testimony? as to the alcohol use... obviously persons who encountered this guy noted he was under the influence... that does not give him a free pass and i do not think anyone should be making excuses for his actions. Our society is too hypocrital in that regard. We need to value human life and hold persons accountable for their actions.


  2. Some of us St Lucian's are a bunch of hypocrites, and unless we find ourselves in similar situations, we wont understand, whilst everyone is entitled to their opinions we should look at the situations from both sides. The only two people who could of been honest and said what really happen are the deceased and the attacker.... and that we know wont happen, because in real life the story is never said the way it happened.


  3. Well I cannot say much but from what I understand he was not the aggressor. What if it was the other way around and the decease killed him just for trying to prevent and arguement.That's exactly why people need some kind of protection. He had it to protect himself and that's what he did. He did not look for the fight. Once too many time people think they can bully others especially when they have friends with them. I know what it feels like cause it did happen to me and its a good thing I had a pepper spray and spray his ass and his sister run away when I turn to her. They came looking for the trouble by my home and I they ended in the emergency ward.The sentence is not a bad one at all though it could be less (self defence should be like 2 to 3 years) once his record is clean.


  4. What if this guy was the one who was killed.smh some ppl really need to get the full story before sitting infront a pc n typing nonsense...just becasue somebody dies in a situation doesnt mean they were the innitial victim....learn the facts ppl n stop being so ignorant....


  5. Normally I do not comment on the comments here as I feel that every one is fully entitled to their opinions.
    However in this instance some of the comments make me wish to offer some clarity. According to the laws of St Lucia any one who is committing a first offence, or who pleads guilty at the earliest opportunity is entitled to a reduction in sentence, or a discount.
    I do not think that a person who had no premeditation in committing a crime should be treated the same as a person who planned an attack and carried out with the sole intention of murder.
    To many times we want to throw the book at persons who act instinctively feeling themselves to be threatened. Our focus should be Rehabilitation rather than just creating more hardened criminal for society to sustain. Reintroduction to society of persons ready, willing and able to make a meaningful contribution to it.
    The law also makes provisions for hardened criminals to be given a "pay raise" on their sentences as well...So I guess it works both ways.
    The law is not perfect, but it works most of the time.
    Any person who has concrete information to offer on a story can feel free to contact me through the editor. Once information is verified as accurate, it can be shared with the public.
    The Editor and I do our best to ensure that only accurate and verified information gets published... Our intention is not to bring grief or cause any distress, it is simply to share with the public the daily business of courts of law here in St Lucia.


  6. It is amazing how once someone dies they become a Saint. Your brother/relative along with his friends attacked my brother (who by the way was by himself and was suffering from food poisoning since the day before hence why he was throwing up, he was not an alcohol abuser) This report has so many inaccuracies, you reporters need to make sure your facts are correct before posting articles.....
    Fact 1 -My brother was pulled out of the bus by the deceased; why wasn't that elaborated? Why wasn't it said why he pulled my brother out and he and his friends proceeded to attack him?
    2 -the deceased also had a knife which he pulled on my brother which was in evidence at the time but conveniently disappeared in time for the trial.
    3 - From witnesses' account the deceased and his friends were arguing with the driver about the bus fare and my brother simply said "hey pay the driver so we can go home it is already late" which is when he proceeded to violently pull my brother out of the bus and the attack started.
    4 -This is the only incident Neil was sent to Bordelais for, he has never been remanded for anything else.
    As to the reason why my brother had a pen knife.....is society really that hypocritical? How many people do not have some form of protection on them; pepper spray, pen knifes, etc.?

    Please note that I am very sorry for the loss of the family but his death does not change the fact that he and his friends were the instigators, they attacked my brother without any provocation. Anyone put in a similar position fearing for their life would defend themselves however way they can. This incident has damaged my brother as well. He did not know the guys who attacked him, he did not look for the trouble that came his way.


    • EDITOR: You should be careful in stating the word "inaccuracies" before looking up its full meaning. The report may lack details for reasons beyond the reporter's control but it does not have any errors. Lack of some details is not inaccuracies. Covering the court system in St. Lucia is not easy. Efforts to obtain background information on cases is almost impossible because the media is restricted in some areas for getting this information is a timely matter. Usually, we get a summary during the closing of the case. And we could go on and on. We're not saying it is right not to have details, but you must be careful that we do not draw the wrong inferences.


  7. This morning ive been goin through the stories on here, quite a few cases have been closed and the culprits have been sentenced but in most cases i keep seeing the "sentence has been discounted". you mean i can kill someone and at the end of the trial (years later) i will get a discount like there is a sale or something. 7 yrs is worth a life? in my opionion, anyone convicted for murder or man slaughter should not spend another day of their life amongst joe public


  8. RIP big bro..finally justice has been served on your behalf..i pray that this boy fids God while he is in prison. What we as his family lost when you were gone cannot be expressed. 🙁


  9. I find dis is ridiculous,less than 7yrs is just not enough,wat he was doin wit a pen knife that means he had plans on using it,age is just a numberand he should face more years


  10. People's lives mean nothing in Slu, I can't believe those sentences. 7 years for murder???? Got to be a joke, no wonder crime is so rampant in Lucia, ridiculous....


  11. Wow it's been this long...R.i.P Kenrick...although i didnt no u by that name..ur memorys still lives on within me..


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