7-year-old hospitalised with serious head injuries

7-year-old hospitalised with serious head injuries


Police are investigating an incident where a seven-year-old boy from Babonneau was allegedly attacked by a 15-year-old male, which caused him to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Victoria Hospital.

Reports are that older male, made what relatives describe as an “indecent proposal” to the younger male, and the latter promised that he would tell his mother.

In an effort to stop him from doing so, the older male proceeded to allegedly attack the seven-year-old, by lashing him several times to the head with the use of a wood.

Relatives of the young male are upset with the situation and have since reported it to the police.

The police confirmed that the matter is being investigated.

No further details are available at this time.


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  1. Babonneau again... Things that make you go hmmmmm... Let's pray for BOTH children... The devil is at work and using anyone that he can get his nasty hands on...


  2. What uninformed comments. Last time I checked 15 year olds are considered children. This is precisely what got us in problems in the first place sending 15 year olds to Bordelais. Continue paying lip service to these social issues and figure we can just pile them at Bordelais or kill them. Things are bound to get to a head


  3. Don't make excuses such as: maybe he was abused as a child. That is an excuse villains make all the time themselves to gain sympathy and leniency from punishment. If they were badly treated, they not only know the pain cause them; but also know the act was WRONG. How many of you have been badly treated as children?? and have ALL of you treated other children in the same way because you were so treated!!?? If you did not like what was done to you, WHY do it to an innocent person (in this case a CHILD)!!?? Sexual assault on another person is RAPE, and this Teenager/Young Adult KNOW that; Is anyone out there who DARE tell me that at age 15 soon to leave School for work, he DON'T KNOW RIGHT from WRONG!!??n Like the rest of us, His Brain made a decision; Right or Wrong: Good or Bad. It is the victim who now needs our HELP and Sympathy, and it is the Abuser and his Parents who need to be Interviewed by the Authorities. The World has now got to the Stage where we can NO longer Trust anyone with our Babies and very Young as we used to do. For Christians, READ Bible book Genesis chapter19:4,5 to remind you of the actions of Boys to Old Men. What happened there was localised, now reports are Worldwide.


  4. Mothers plz plz take time out of your daily routine to educate your young men on life, social skills, behaviour, dealing with peer pressure, controlling emotions, girls, relationships, do`s and don't of life bisexual, homosexual, straight. I know it aint easy but at least try or reach out to each other for help n guidance for the youths if you feel you can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!###!!!!!!TEACH THE YUTES HOW TO BE STRONNG MEN N WOMEN. Its sad tho this teenager wanted to experiment sexually but choose to do it in the WRONG WAY!!!!! Im sure had he been taught the right way this would not happen if he had guidance properly this would not have happened its even more sad that he would try to put down the seven yr old SEVERE MENTAL ISSUES!!!!!!The seven yr old has more morals and smarts than him tho to kno tht shit just not right I meditate he gets well soon n recover mentally also from this ordeal


  5. God put a hand, what is really happening now? It's disturbing to know a 15 yr old boy to be going that way. Satan you have no strong hold over the youth. I pray that God will heal this innocent boy, he needs to live.


    • here we go again !
      pray God,Satan churches praying every body praying
      yet the same bull ?

      the devil is within our thoughts ( evil-knowledge) God is within our thoughts (good knowledge)
      the one we allowed to take control of our thoughts become our master and the works of our master we will do
      we have a psychology problem in the world.
      we are the maker and finisher of our destiny


  6. ..this is just sad..prayers goes out to that little boy..i dont have kids but i have 7 nieces and 3 nephews and i love n will protect them like my own..justice for this little man...smh..


  7. I must say that 15 year old is really lucky that the little boy he abused is not my brother because that honestly he would get it ! you did it once you're doing it twice ; is that a game ? you have your problems and you want to past it on a 7 year old boy . i live in babonneau and if i find out who that boy is i will run him over with a vehicle ! DISGUSTING


  8. While the puppet Alvina keeps twerking on a platform in the name of God. Remember what the bible tells us, For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Messiah,' and will deceive many.


    • religion fanatic !!!!
      did she say she is the Christ?
      if she pray then what does u do?
      curse your fellow-men?
      get a life time 2 better yourself from dead-works.


  9. Something wrong in Babonneau - this is not only indecent,
    but for a 15 yr. old to act out with so much violence, it is not
    normal. This place is modi. Too much occult practices, obeah.


    • This is shocking! Sexual gratification at all cost is the EVIL here, not the place, not the community. An adolescent (who is also a minor) attempting to entice a child half his age into sexuality seemed to me to be a damaged and a sexually abused individual. His attempt to suppress the truth coming out with violence is cowardly to say the least! Even if he might have suffered abuse, his sexuality is his own business to relieve without coercing others. So, it comes down to moral and sexual education, not séances or exorcism of a community. This perpetrator must to be caught, charged, rehabilitated and monitored thereafter.

      I pray that the child has a speedy recovery, without lasting and life limiting consequences. I also hope that his family is supported and helped to meet medical bills.


      • U are a very unlighted person
        your comment is very profound.
        stay as knowledgeable as u are don't go 2 the drain like many others do.


  10. When you think you heard it all,there is always something cynical. What's going on? The seven year old is just a baby sad, sad indeed.


  11. smh i supect he wanted to kill the little boy cause he didnt want to feel the shame and for people to find out the nastiness he wanted to do the boy


  12. I would knock the crap out of that teenager!!! What to violate the child when he threatens to tell u want to brutalize him.


  13. We all must admit and face the strong possibility that something very dark and dangerous has overtaken Babonneau. The statistical probability of those things happening almost week in week out is very low under normal circumstances. So something is amiss. i am very sad for those affected because i have learnt that there is something called innocent victims- people who end up being hurt through no fault of theirs but by the doings of others. and that itself is painful.


  14. Babonneau AGAIN.

    I hope the little boy makes it through. Prayers going your way little man.

    I wonder if the 15 was ever abused. Sometimes it a nasty cycle.

    Two young males lives potentially destroyed.


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