BREAKING: Man charge in sexual abuse of 6-y-o girl

BREAKING: Man charge in sexual abuse of 6-y-o girl
A little girl poses for photographs to illustrate the topic of child abuse. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING
A little girl poses for photographs to illustrate the topic of child abuse. (AAP Image/Lukas Coch) NO ARCHIVING

A  man in his 20s has been charged for the alleged sexual abuse of a 6-y-o girl.

The incident, which is said to have occurred in Dennery, is now being investigated by the police.

St. Lucia has been rocked by recent reports of a pregnant 12-y-o who was allegedly impregnated by someone living close to a relative whom she had visited.

That case is also under investigation.


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  1. Too much slackness in society. We need the govt to impose controls on slack lyrics in the media. In the beach with my kids last week and you hear mothers playing music, derogatory to women, with their little girls listening while they themselves whine away with rum in hand. We need to respect ourselves and not support music which sends message that's its ok for men to demean women


  2. Why the rapist face is not plastered all over for people to know who he is? Why protect the pervert, we the people have the right to know so we can keep our children both male and female safe. St.Lucia will always be ten steps backward because the Justice system need being purged and repaired. I demand you all protect the little girl but the MONSTER picture should be headline news.


  3. I am sick and tired of hearing about these cases its like every wk another minor getting sexual abuse wht is wrong with our once beautiful Helen of the west. The police officers need to start doing their jobs n stop eating our tax payers money lazy officers n minister in charge of security please please something needs to be done urgently, our children are been deprived of their innocence n we can't continue letting these bastards get away with those henious crimes. We as a nation let us pray for sweet st Lucia


  4. There are solutions a. but when the police act and the alleged victims get sentence Human Rights come out crying for mercy. my take you get rid of them on site or whenever they are caught. and let the USA beat their chest. The devil working round the clock on these men. I have a mother, I have sisters And I also have plenty girl friends....meaning friends.i would hate to hear some idiot attack them and sexually interfere with any of them.


  5. I agree with your post. We need to crack down on these matters. Some of the cases are either swept under the carpet or paid of. Each case, no matter the status of the individuals involved should be addressed and handled accordingly. None of these cases should be left to stand for years and years and then the victim gets tired and drops the case. I'm sick of hearing situations like this. I have spoken to victims who see their abusers on the streets , passing by freely and they would become so fearful. All the emotions and the thoughts of the abuse would come to mind. It's quite difficult for these a life of regret and hate. But if these crimes are treated seriously each time it happens and court cases are dealt with accordingly, that would be a huge relief for the victim ( along with counselling) knowing that the person is paying for the crime


  6. This just unbelievable. What the hell is wrong with those men to go after little children???????????

    They need the full sentence of the law.

    I just can't understand this anymore. OMG. If this was my child I would get this guy for sure.


  7. I wish that it would be an untrue story for the child sake . However, if it is real, I call for the castration of the perpetrator.


  8. Sadly, this sexual immorality perpetuates in our dear country. Our girls continue to be stripped of our innocence. I am unable to understand how, within a 238 square mile country, we are unable to find solutions to this problem.

    From a cultural perspective, I do not see any changes occurring anytime soon. Our society puts on a throne, OLDER men who constantly sleep with teenagers, seeing them as more of a man. Our society is also filled with sexual promiscuity and filth. It constantly makes me sick to my stomach. Unless we can stand together against all forms of sexual immorality and look for ways to ERASE this problem from our society, this situation will be with us for a long long time...


    • Please, ministers time to change the laws. Put those bastards to shame, flog them for all us women to see.' In the public'.


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