5th Annual Taiwan-Saint Lucia Trade Exhibition kicks off Nov. 23

5th Annual Taiwan-Saint Lucia Trade Exhibition kicks off Nov. 23

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 – The Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs in collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will be hosting its 5th Annual Taiwan-Saint Lucia Trade Exhibition, designed to provide business organizations with the   opportunity to explore avenues for trade and sources of raw material.

This trade exhibition is engendered at presenting the general public and business organizations with goods and services produced, both in Saint Lucia and Taiwan.

Commerce and Industry Officer in the Ministry of Commerce, Ava Marius, highlighted the department’s dedication at creating an environment where organizations in Saint Lucia and Taiwan can network and pursue strategic business opportunities.

“The two countries are far from each other but we know that Taiwan is an Asian tie gap and it is important for us to learn from those that have gone before us and those who have done better than us. So what we want to do is just to ensure that we have created this environment where Saint Lucian companies and Taiwanese companies can network and to see how they can learn from each other. We are also hoping that with the general public coming to see what is available locally and what is available in Taiwan, it would encourage them to buy local and add that as a possible market.”

Marius urges the public to take advantage and participate in this exciting opportunity.

“One of the greatest impacts of this exhibition will be the general public getting to know what products are available in Saint Lucia. We are hoping that the general public can get to know more; we looking to increase awareness of locally manufactured products and we are also looking to introduce the Taiwanese products and Taiwanese companies to the general public and to businesses in Saint Lucia.”

The two-day event, which is expected to take place from November 23-25 will showcase items such as doors, sandals, welders, handbag, auto parts, recycling systems, PVC matting, tools, curtains, appliances, video games, laptops, water heaters, craft items, toys, yoga mats and exercise mats.

This year’s event is expected to draw the attention of local companies and 13 Taiwanese companies.


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