5 for Dennery teen pageant

5 for Dennery teen pageant
The contestants at a photo shoot.
The contestants at a photo shoot.
The contestants at a photo shoot.

The Dennery Youth And Sports Council is the organiser of the Miss Dennery Teen Pageant scheduled to take place on August 15, 2015 at the Dennery Multipurpose Grounds.

According to the Council’s Facebook page, the pageant will enable young ladies in the community to show their talents and skills.

“Rising to true emancipation through the voice and colours of freedom” is the theme for the pageant.

Five contestants are scheduled to participate. They are:

Cylena Henry, 16 years old
Esma Flavius, 16
Jervel Joseph, 16
Serena Cox, 14
Theona Edan, 17

Tickets for the pageant are: $15 for adults and for children 12 years and up; and $10 for children under 12.



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  1. I beleive the ladies deserve a chance. Lets promote our young community ladies, pagaentry is not only for Castries, Gros-Islet, and Vieux-Fort. Everytime Anse la Raye, Canaries and Dennery have pagaents you get negative comments. Arent they beautiful, they have education and ambition just like the town girls some of them more. Why dont we just pay that $15 and support the show. The ladies look adorable


  2. For the person/s calling the pageant meaning less I would love to question you on our emancipation ....when were we emancipated and by whom ? What year and why is it we celebrate this day ? What are the colours of freedom and the names of atleast five persons who campaigned for the freedom of a black child? Don't go searching for answers on Google reply off your head I am very sure you do not know...It is with pure delight I can respond and answer these questions and of course i can proudly say if i didn't take part in this pageant a few years ago I would be just as ignorant as you are today.
    I can assure you that these ladies will be trained to carry themselves at a very high standard, learn public speaking and ofcourse something that many young women do not have (maybe including you )----> etiquette ... It will surely help them with expressing themselves and it is as well an educational journey.
    You like many others shouldn't be discouraging our young females, making them believe that it is wrong to be on a stage...but in return would send fire at them if they were to be caught in pornagraphy.
    You believe that this is a waste of time but can I ask you to at least be part of the crowd so that u can be enlightened because I'm very sure they will shut you up and your tiny brain might explode because it will not be able to accept all the information on our black history that would be provided by the contestants ! ..So my people, if you do not have anything to say you should really find the definition of shut up (Google it if you please)..
    All the best my darlings have a blast and Do not let this negativity get to you guys !


  3. Majority of you on here leave disgusting comments. Don't you rather young ladies engaging in those activities than getting used by guys out there. We don't know what we want!
    Pageantry has a number of benefits. So to the person who said that they should showcase their talents some other way, please have a Damn sit with your finger on your lip. Do your research!


  4. Please let the children do their thing. Nothing wrong with the way they look. There isn't much to do in st. Lucia, so let them do their pageants


  5. These girls look like they already in the "life" but anyways let's see what talents they can produce as if we haven't seen the whole lot before smh


  6. sorry to diasagree with you sorry 'Rising to true emancipation through the voice and colours of freedom' this theme is true artistic expression, kudos to whomever came up with this idea... *THUMBS UP*


  7. Good luck to u all. But wait is that really they ages for a minute I thought they were all in the 20s they look so old but are so young. Why don't we allow the children of today to cherish they childhood. Rather than have them doing all kinds of adults stuff and wearing all this age adding features. Why don't they be placed on a Field or in a kitchen and reach them something they can hold on to for 20 to 30 years or life. Are they all A grade holders I wonder we need to think a little harder.


    • A 14-year old competing in a pageant with a 17-year old? That's just weird. But then again, they all, includiing the 14-year, old look like grown adults


  8. Good luck to u all. But is that really they ages. For a minute I thought they were all over 20 they look for old and yet are so young. What is it the generation of today or they tend to grow to fast embrace the natural beauty with out all the age up lefting feature.


  9. Show your talents through your academic and other achievements (if you have any).

    Getting bored of the obsession with these meaningless pageants. They contribute little - it's no substitute for actual skills.

    'Rising to true emancipation through the voice and colours of freedom” is the theme for the pageant.' WTF does that even mean?? It's just embarrassing.


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