4th PIFF – Piton International Film Festival kicks off in Soufriere on August 13

4th PIFF – Piton International Film Festival kicks off in Soufriere on August 13

Soufriere is planned to be a big part of this year’s 4th PIFF – Piton International Film Festival.

In fact, the Festival starts in Soufriere on Sunday, August 13th at Tet Paul, a business partner of PIFF, owned and managed by Maureen Fontenelle.  Ed Herman (Bro Umoja), founder of PIFF noted: “We are excited to open PIFF 2017 with our partner Tet Paul Nature Trail.  This has to be one of most spectacular nature spots in all of Saint Lucia; and what better way to introduced Saint Lucia to our visitors and our participants to this country.  They will get the chance to explore the beautiful scenery, the Pitons, and the breathtaking, 360 degree views of the island while visiting Tet Paul Nature Trail.”

While at Tet Paul, guests will also experience some local fruit, local dishes and delicious meals at Alma’s Kitchen.  The opening will also feature performances by drummers and dances by Brie-Ann Jeremie and  Rootz Production, also music and poetry and Karate Demonstrations.

PIFF continues through to Saturday, August 19th.  The week-long festival is more than just the screening of films, although, of course, films will be the anchor and central to the Festival that has grown since its inception in 2014.  This year is going to be the best so far packed with workshops, discussion, performances, exchanges and sharing.

On Monday, August 14, 2017,  a series of workshops is planned for the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School, from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  These workshops will be facilitated by highly regarded experts in their fields:  *Clish Gittens: Documentary Filmmaking; *David Hyman: Action Martial Arts; *Rosemarie Wilson: Poetry & Performance and *Ed ‘Bro Umoja’ Herman: Action Photography

“You can’t visit St. Lucia, without visiting Soufriere, mostly because of the fantastic scenery, Herman stressed.  It is a super location for film making of all types.  We wanted especially the youth of Soufriere to begin to be exposed to the opportunities that are opening and to begin to think about the economic benefits to them personally and for the community of Soufriere and the entire country.”

The workshops are FREE to all.

This year’s theme for PIFF is EMPOWERING OUR YOUTH!  Throughout the Festival, we will see the power of our youth and their growing impact on the global community.  We take this time to inspire them and be inspired by them!


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