UPDATED: DJ Max, Rocket Launcher rule Green Synergy finals

UPDATED: DJ Max, Rocket Launcher rule Green Synergy finals
DJ Max celebrates his Mix-master title.
DJ Max celebrates his Mix-master title.

DJ Mad X and Rocket Launcher emerged winners at the 11th Heineken Green Synergy DJ competition held in Fond D’or, Dennery on Sunday, Aug. 31.

Rocket Launcher won the Clash DJ title after defeating Swali in the final clash.

DJ Mad X of Dennery won the Mix-master title as last year’s winner DJ Yellow placed second and DJ Moko placed third. The other finalists were females Princess Tashi and DJ Sniper, DJ Azzaboy, DJ Play, Swali, Hyper, Sci Fi and DJ Rufus.

The finalists were selected after weeks of “live” auditions followed by a preliminary round on Sunday, August 17 and the semi-finals on Aug. 24 in Vieux Fort.

Below are the results:

11. DJ Hyper – (technical issues of his own making with his laptop)
10. DJ Rufus-176
9. Princess Tashi-197
8. DJ Azzaboy-203
7. DJ Sci Fi- 209
6. DJ Play- 210
5. DJ Sniper -211
4.dJ Swali – 246
3. DJ Moko-247
2. DJ Yellow-259
1. DJ Mad X- 271

Rocket Launcher collects trophy for DJ Clash champion from Heineken Brand Manager Gaius Harry.
2013 winner DJ Yellow finishes second this time around.
DJ Moko placed third.


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  1. Like i always say. Those DJS here will only win a DJ competition in the caribbean. Most times there mixes sounds like a chipmunk commercial. Yes and why do they all sound like Jamsicans. Hello?????


  2. These "Jafakeans" and wannabes need to learn that they are St.Lucians first and foremost. "Han inna di air" "uno","lissen me",how stupid are you? What is sooo wrong in sounding like a Lucian?


  3. That was the worst green synergy I've even; 18 and over to enter, no obscene languages and no smoking. WTF ....thst eh making no sense next year eh seeing me


    • I don't know how they can call this a DJ Competition. Any decent DJ would be insulted.

      Heineken - go watch a few DMC youtube clips then go back to the drawing board.....


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