40th anniversary festivities to begin on Independence eve

40th anniversary festivities to begin on Independence eve
Saint Lucian beauty….we are all in for our 40th Independence celebration! (Photo and caption: IndependenceSlu40 Facebook page)

(GIS) — On the eve of Saint Lucia’s 40th anniversary of Independence, the city will be abuzz with cultural displays and exhibitions.

Two event sites in the city’s capital, Castries, are being prepared to host the displays—one at Constitution Park and the other on Jeremie Street near the Castries Market.

The productions will capture what is intrinsically Saint Lucian—a culture handed down for generations, a cultural heritage and history that is cherished, and a journey for which new chapters are being written daily as we continue to evolve.

A number of art forms will be on display including dance, music and theatrical performances. Key entertainment acts will feature the best and most memorable Saint Lucian calypsonians and soca artistes accompanied by live bands.

(Photo and caption: IndependenceSlu40 Facebook page)

Also featured will be the most recent inclusion on Saint Lucia’s musical portfolio, Kuduro, backed by the Derek Yarde Project. Teddyson John and the TJ Project featuring Ricky T, will also take the stage.

A display of fireworks in celebration of Independence 40 will start at midnight from the Castries Harbour, and will be immediately followed by the raising of the Saint Lucian flag. The Best of Saint Lucia festivities will continue until 2 a.m. on Independence morning.

Partnering with the Independence 40 Planning Committee is Events Company of St. Lucia Inc. (ECSL).

At an independence press briefing, ECSL Marketing and Sponsorship Officer, Leila Williams, said: “ECSL is thrilled to partner with the Independence Committee for the 40th anniversary of Saint Lucia’s Independence celebrations. We embrace the theme ‘All In: Our Journey, Our Future,’ and as such we are positioned to provide support to the Independence Committee for the execution of the planned activities.”

The Best of Saint Lucia Concert is scheduled to take place on Thursday, Feb. 21.


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