400-room Hyatt branded hotel coming to Saint Lucia

400-room Hyatt branded hotel coming to Saint Lucia
PM Chastanet
PM Chastanet

(SNO) — Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced that a major new hotel project is coming to Saint Lucia.

The 400-room Hyatt-branded hotel will be located in Choc.

Invest Saint Lucia has completed transactions with a Barbados-based firm to buy the land for the project.

Choc Beach is located in northwestern Saint Lucia, north of the capital, Castries.

Addressing the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce recently Chastanent said the new hotel will be a mix of European plan and all-inclusive options, according to the Prime Minister.

Construction on the new Hyatt project is slated to begin in the second half of next year, according to a government statement.


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  1. Can't wait. Too many kids leaving schools and no job opportunities , unemployment is incredibly high. This Hyatt Hotel chain is much better than sandals . If I were to choose between the two , Hyatt would be my option. It was about time some real investment in this place !!!!!!!!


  2. Well I guess castries compre is going to be destroyed to bring his father's property value at a premium next door. More foreigners getting higher salaries and Lucians getting dog scrap for working as slaves.


  3. Another hotel.more slavery more mothers and fathers will be taken away from their children...hard work and stress for no money..


  4. Where at Choc will that hotel be built? I think we have enough hotels on the island. Yes he is looking for investments and it seems no lucrative business man want to do business with St. Lucia. I want the PM to get investment for St. Lucia because I sent my son to school and he needs a proper job that pays well. All good for the young men and women that want to work in the Tourist industry, they will get an opportunity to seek employment but the country needs more investment.
    I am praying for you PM even though I did not vote for you. You fail and we all feel it. Good luck


  5. Are we complaining for more jobs or less jobs and opportunities? You guys are confusing me.
    Some of you are conflating progress in construction jobs, jobs in the management of Hotels etc
    and your biffs most of which is welled up by political leanings. If the man sat on his hands and
    did nothing to attract investment to St.Lucia, you all and I too, would crucify him, but I trust all
    will be well given time. Never in the history of St.lucia has there been so many jobs, so cool it.


  6. Why do we call hotels in our country as development when the majority of jobs there pay 4:25 cents an hour with 3 points service charge his many hotel workers can get a mortgage to own a house no not one what we need is a revolution to drive the capitalist from the land with great fury and fire


    • I understand what you are saying but I like many other St Lucians would like to pick up the newspaper or log on and read where a business other than a hotel will call St Lucia home we have enough hotels up North don't need another hotel if is hotels he want to bring down like that put one in VF its only coconut bay up there


  7. Well done again... meanwhile the Hospital for the folks can;t be fixed to date, but yea we are bringing 400 hotels to the island at choc isn't that just fantastic meanwhile crime is at an all time high where folks get robbed or shot in the middle of the city and we think its business as usual. Where are these mad politicians getting these ideas and how in the dickens do they sleep at night.

    This is time for folks to revolve like France and shut down the country and get things back in order because this is just ridiculous.


  8. Another one ! Oh well he cant attract anything else huh ? Move over Sandals The Hyatt concession is even bigger but you will hear no complains ITS THE HYATT it's not Caribbean owned so welcome. More maids more butlers more gardeners more bartenders.


  9. And with the ridiculous traffic on the road (because of poor infrastructure, an overload of imported vehicles and it's simply just to cheap to own a vehicle), ARE WE EXPECTED TO SOT IN TRAFFIC FOR 1 HOUR TO GET A DESTINATION LESS THAN A MILE AWAY????


  10. I don't know what type of drugs the Prime Min is terrible is taking . We have enough hotels on island . Instead of him fixing the school and making it a more high tech school for our children to be better developed he is after opening hotel, horse track ,dolphin park. These are personal venturea that the Prime Minister should use his own monies for not that he want to do it on the nation's account . When will stop having robbers for Prime Ministers . The one Kenny Build still there taking lapoucierre. God said that he is returning to judge them that defraud the people of their wages.I thank God that there is a pit waiting for these ministers when they die. Instead of we focus on education and health care they focusing ondoing things to secure their pockets. And where are the prophets in this in this land to come out and call the fire of God on these ministers . The hospital is in a mess. If you want to mash up the schookids fix it to be like a second cheaper more affordable community college or something . That school is the Alma Matta of many prominent people in society . They self because it don't affect them are just sitting their buts and saying nothing about Chastenet's madness . To much red and yellow . We need a new party. We need new parties . New political parties with people that fear God and have compassion for the people . People that have the people as priority not their own agenda . Oh God put your hand in this matter. Jesus Christ arise in this matter.


  11. The Prime Minister can bring all the hotels he can get to St. Lucia. Good for the peasants .
    Will the trusted be fed imported food.?
    When there is a major disaster will there be enought air ambulance to transport the injured to overseas?
    ??? St. Lucia,s medical system.????


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