UPDATE: 4 in custody for gruesome chopping death

UPDATE: 4 in custody for gruesome chopping death

Police have held onto four persons in connection with the horrific Christmas Day murder of Oswald Downes, also known as Shadda.

Reliable sources told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the four persons, who are all males, were held for “questioning”. They were picked up by the cops on Saturday morning.

Downes, a father of three, was reportedly attacked by four males, and repeatedly chopped during a jouvert celebration in the early hours of Friday morning, Dec. 25 in Belle Vieux, Vieux-Fort.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that Downes was “chopped repeatedly like an animal”.

“I thought I was watching a movie or a slaughter house scene… I ran away and puked,” the eyewitness said.

Downes was a former prison officer and accountant Bordelais Correctional Facility.

Several relatives said they are not aware Downes has any problems, but several sources in the community told SNO that an ongoing feud between persons from Belle Vue and Pierrot may have led to his demise.

A relative described Downes as an “intelligent” man, who was a “real father” to his two children, who were recently on island to spend time with him.


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  1. Thats a lie every body know there is a gang war going on belle vue vs pirrot and they had already chop a guy from belle vue in pirrot in october and the guy manage to escape when one of the guys from pirrot accidental hit his own gang member with a piece of pole he was trying to hit the guy from belle vue with


  2. ok most persons may not like my comments but. Earlier in September I said expect the 30 homicides like we have every year for lil over 10 years now. I thought we were supposed to be reducing crime. Y is the number still at 30.? If Shadda had been playing ball and done something great all man like Mussa would maybe be talking about him. How comes Mussa and Kenny and Dalson cannot bring peace to that long going feud? Am I blaming politics? I don't know but those guys seem to campaign on the promise of reducing crime but same ole same ole. If there is one person who can bring a stop to this feud then it might be Mussa. Or maybe that killing will stop this useless feud? RIP Played football against this guy, that's how i know him. He was like a bully on the field too.


  3. It is sad that so many communities in St Lucia have gang groups with no respect for innocent decent people.
    A big effort should be made by the government to bring communities together again so we can appreciate the true values of life in this beautiful Island once again.
    Though I presently reside elsewhere, it is scary thinking of coming over on holiday and go visiting friends in all areas.
    Very very sad.


    • Actually an Anti-Gang Bill was enacted sometime last year. Another law just sitting on our books and not being implemented.


    • It's high time you learn the law surrounding the publishing of persons photos who have not been charged for the crime.


  4. He was a bullý his family won't say what he was doing.its a gang thing and i'm pretty sure they knew about O! He play with fire u get burn.You live by the sword u die bý the sword.Some parents like to hide too much.

    He did not deserve to die this way but those young boys were tired of being beaten by him and his crew when he can't find who he is looking for.

    O motto was Peter pay for Paul.So as long as you from the community of BelLe vue and ur a man he would attack you.


    • It's not every thing that reporter's say actually comes from the immediate family. ...the family wasn't even aware of the news displayed here till after it was published. .don't need casting stones. .no one deserves to go out like thid


  5. Sad to write that nothing is going to come out of this. Bail for them sub humans will be granted at $2,000.00 each and the case will linger till it disappear. Prove to me I'm crazy,I know my Country like the back of my hands,nou pwe a sa.


    • no bail for murder darling, but dem animals will jus be on remand for how many years eating hard working tax payers money


  6. i'm not glad that the young man's life was ended this way but when you attack someone that think they're as bad as you they will retaliate ... and the family will always say he was a good boy he was this he was that.....where were you guys when he attacked the people first was he good then??? smfh... si pah ni situez pah ni voleh...they will learn


  7. To the good detective work from the ROYAL ST.LUCIA POLICE FORCE i say thank you guys for the quick apprehension of those 4 sobs. Please no bail for them let them know that they have to answer to that heinous crime that they all committed. Bail to be set as $2,000,000.00 each. 2 million each. Jail their asses and throw away the keys. Officers again i say thank you, at least people will walk and enjoy the rest of the year in peace.
    Great job indeed officers. Seasons Greetings to the members of the RSLPF.


    • No one should rejoice when someone is killed God give life he is the only one to take it am not saying that the guy had the right to bit on anyone if he did there is always two sides to a story if the men where being beaten did they made a report of the matter no one have the right to take another life no one is above God's law though shall not kill judgements is only for god


  8. Mama so what did he do to deserve
    such a gruesome murder was it that those who killed him were imprisoned also and wanted to retaliate on him when they got out or something, wow this killing is so very heartless


  9. Christmas is a season to celebrate the birth of Christ.to be thankful for his birth n not for revelling. We create an atmosphere for Satan to have his way.


  10. Post their pix so we can see ...they were not shy to carry out this crime...hope they make an example of them.


  11. Punishment fit for such an act is not death...no no...that is too simple..they will not suffer the psychological and physical attack this man endured before he went into shock from the gruesome assault and died from blood loss...if that may even be the way he passed...they could have struck a place that would have ended this mans life in the instant...punishment for such an act should be dismemberment...of the very limb used to end this young mans life...upon completing that..send them to jail for 25 years each..without chance of parole.


  12. And are we to hear in another couple of days that they're all out "on bail" for a few dollars, or were released after questioning, and the usual "police investigations are continuing'?


  13. I knew that guy personally. I cannot understand how the "family" can say they were not aware of any problems when everyone one of us in the pierrot community knew of his troubled life. That does not give anyone one the right to kill him this way though. I saw pictures of one of the many ppl he attacked from Belle Vue, and I must say, I just knew something bad would happen. They went as far as planning an attack on the Belle Vue guys at the said jouvert where he met his demise, but the Belle Vue guys got wind of the plans so I guess they struck first. That's really sad for Vieux Fort North... I pray that the family stays strong and peace prevails in vieux fort north.


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