3rd Council of Ministers of Education of OECS

3rd Council of Ministers of Education of OECS

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Opening of the 3rd Council of Ministers of Education of OECS – Martinique – 27/28 February 2018

The 3rd Council of Ministers of Education of the OECS opened Tuesday morning in Martinique in the presence of

Anguilla: Hon. Cora RICHARDSON-HODGE – Minister of Education

St Kitts & Nevis: Hon. Shawn RICHARDS – Minister of Education

Antigua & Barbuda:
Hon. Michael S. BROWNE : Minister of Education
Mrs. Janis Rosa GREENAWAY Director General of the Ministry

Dominica: Hon. Petter SAINT JEAN – Minister of Education

St Vincent & les Grenadines: Hon. St. Clair PRINCE – Minister of Education

Sen. Hon. Simon STIELL – Minister of Education
Mrs. Elvis MORAIN – Pedagogical Directorof Education

Executive Counselor in charge of Education

British Virgin Islands: Hon. Myron V. WALWYN
Minister of Health and Social Development

Montserrat: Hon. Delmaude RYAN – Minister of Education

H.E DR. Didacus JULES – Director General of OECS
Mr. Marcellus Damascus ALBERTIN – Director of the social ans human development division

Extract from the opening speech of Alfred Marie-Jeanne President of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique:

“One of the objectives of this 3rd Council of Ministers of Education on the theme” Access and Equity “is to harness innovative ideas to contribute to the development of education in our Caribbean Continent. This is how the Territorial Collective of Martinique joins the ELAN Project carried by the Rectorate of Martinique. This project aims at regional cooperation in the field of education. Very concretely, it should make it possible to meet the following objectives:

– Encourage the immersion of young people, training trainees
professionals, students and academics in the OECS countries;
– Strengthen the linguistic mastery and the increase in competence of the young people of our respective territories;
– Supporting innovation and research more efficiently between
educational institutions of our respective countries; ”

The topics of the day are:

– Strengthening multilingualism through the OECS:
Language Assistant Project
School Exchanges

– Development Partner Support for Education in the OECS
UNICEF: UNICEF Support in the OECS
CBD: Regional Framework for Action for Mathematics Education (FAME) and the New Education and Training Policy and Strategy

– USAID: Support to the OECS Education Development

– World Bank: Education Financing – IDA Resources

New Vision for Integrating TVET in the Education System

– CDEMA: Post disaster response to education


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