35 police officers disciplined for offenses committed in 2015

35 police officers disciplined for offenses committed in 2015


The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has put systems in place to deal with internal disciplinary matters involving police officers at all levels of the Force.

Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander told the media today (Jan.15) that these offenses range from being absent without leave to incurring debts.

It also include: discreditable conduct, corrupt practice, neglect of duty, breach of Force orders, disobedience to orders.

Alexander said in 2015, 86 reports were made against police officers, 35 of them were convicted, 27 cases were withdrawn, and 24 cases were dismissed.

“2015, was rather an unfortunate time for us where police officers misconduct is concerned. Coming out of 2015, we had six police officers arrested and suspended,” he explained.

According to him, the officers appear before an adjudicator who acts as a magistrate, and a presenter who acts as a prosecutor, and the matter is dealt with from there.

The Police Act makes provisions for those convicted on any of these offenses. The penalty includes fines of up to ten days pay and the adjudicator can also recommend a reduction in rank or dismissal.

Cases are usually drawn from reports made to police personnel or the Police Complaints Unit.

The acting Top Cop told the media that he thought it was necessary to provide the public with these statistics, so that they are made aware that the police have mechanisms for dealing with disciplinary issues.


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  1. You' ll can prosecute the small matters , that won't get the rest of world off our backs .........so if you not going to talk about the alleged exra judicial killings , sit down and stfu..........


  2. There's a lack of Work ethics in all government sectors on the island...so let's be fair about this and not only discipline police officers but do it across the board.....let's make st.lucia great again!!!


  3. Soon they will have to deal with the officers from Gros Islet who only know to stop their broken vehicle at rum shops in Monchy and Gros islet


  4. With due respect 4 good cops but some cops need to understand a badge an job as a cop does not give u the right to treat or disrespect good citizens who abide by the laws of SLU, if they can't tell the difference between criminal behavior an good citizens then they have no business being cops or their training was not effective so there for my wish is for cops 2b tested once or twice a year 2c if they are worthy of being cops to serve an protect citizens.


  5. As they refuse his application for commissioner he trying to draw the publics attention on something else.........ha ha alexander


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