311 hotline for COVID-19

311 hotline for COVID-19

(PRESS RELEASE) – Saint Lucians can now stay informed and get accurate and reliable information about COVID-19 through the use of the “311” platform.

As Saint Lucia continues to respond to the global pandemic of COVID-19, health officials recognized the need to utilize the existing information hotline, “311” to address the questions and concerns of the citizens about COVID-19.

Director of the Bureau of Health Education Natasha Lloyd-Felix spoke on the services offered under the “311” platform.

“What we have seen through COVID-19 is an opportunity to use that existing platform as a hotline for persons to get information on COVID-19 related issues, be it, how it is transmitted, how it can be prevented, where they can access services or where they can go to for care. So, when the outbreak happened, as a ministry we really wanted to create a hotline but we wanted to do it in quick time so by 311 having already existed, it gave us that opportunity to just train that cohort of staff that were there on COVID-19 related matters, provided some guidance, frequently asked questions.”

Lloyd-Felix also spoke on the need for the Department of Health to take this proactive measure to ensure Saint Lucians are connected and informed during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

“We expect that if you need information, if you need information, if you need clarification on issues then you call 311. If you need care related matters then that call will be directed to a service provider, be it a wellness site, a health practitioner and we have also included in that psycho-social support so we do have some counselors who will also be able to assist. So if you call 311 it is not a counseling line, it is not a line that is meant to any medical or clinical care or diagnosis but they will direct you to the relevant authorities for that.”

The 311 COVID-19 hotline provides a free service to the public and is available Monday to Sunday 7 a.m. to midnight.


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