3 charged in Dennery operation, marijuana and gun recovered

3 charged in Dennery operation, marijuana and gun recovered

PRESS RELEASE – On Sunday, June 22, 2014, officers attached to the Dennery, Micoud and Richfond Police Stations conducted a joint operation at Aux Lyon, Dennery. During the operation, four search warrants were executed on houses in the area.

At house #1, officers recovered a black bag containing dry plant material suspected to be cannabis. Two persons were arrested.

At house #2, a bag containing dry green plant material was recovered. One person was arrested.

At house #3, a bag containing green plant material and a 12-gauge shot gun were recovered. Also, a number of marijuana plants were discovered growing to the back of the dwelling house. One person was arrested.

At house #4, the residence was unoccupied. The assistance of a Justice of the Peace was sought. Upon entry officers recovered five bails containing dry plants material.

All occupants and the substances found at the houses were transported to Richfond Police Station.

Brent, Kenius and Jonathan Brin, all of Aux Lyon, Dennery were charged for the offences of possession of a controlled drug and intent to supply a controlled drug.


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  1. yes gasa thats just a waste of time an st.lucias resources. thats the only crime them police can do for themselves.chpzzzzz while they doing that search they than kill somebody mother already thats shate


  2. If it was legal then the fellas would not need a big twelve gauge to try to protect their investment. Even so, I still think that there are other legal means of making money like farming(food crops).
    Whats baffling me is that when these young fellas get paid their weed money is that all of them buying the same purple and yellow clothing to broadcast for everybody to see they dealing drugs.
    Why adopt a criminal lifestyle if you just want to make some money selling weed? Why act like a thug?


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