3 arrested in St. Mary’s College burglary

3 arrested in St. Mary’s College burglary


Police have arrested three male individuals accused of burglarizing St. Mary’s College (SMC).

The police have also recovered one laptop belonging to the school.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that as investigations continue, charges are expected to be laid.

Police Press Relations Officer Zachary Hippolyte said that investigations are also leading to possible charges in reference to the incidents at the Castries Comprehensive School (CCSS).

On Monday, October 10, 2016 armed bandits tied up and physically assaulted the security guards that were on duty at SMC, before breaking into the school building.

SNO was told that the police had responded in good time, interrupting the burglary. But while shots were fired, the bandits still managed to escape.

Previously, two bandits scaled the school fence and attacked several form two students at SMC, robbing them of their valuables and cash. The students were on a short break when that incident occurred.

Meanwhile, bandits had also burglarized CCSS during October 1, 2016, making off with several pieces of electronic items and cash. The bandits also ransacked the entire school building.

One week before that, three men armed with cutlasses attacked two security guards at CCSS.


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  1. Today, the country is facing enormous challenges because as many as four generations are involved in committing crimes. Young ones are employed as look-out. Older ones are the gang members. The parents of this group are happy to be recipients of the proceeds of the crimes. These criminals are operating as mafia families.


  2. Kudos to the police on this one! Job well done. The entire nation is breathing a sigh of relief now. Those thugs are giving SLU such a bad name. Those charged with the responsibility must work to ensure that such incidents never happen again at our schools.


  3. Those guards must be old enough to be the fathers or grandfathers of those ruthless, heartless, no-ambition, worthless criminals. They should be dealt with in the toughest way possible. Young men seeing nothing to do but to go and steal and deprive young people of their education. This is one time I wish I were an officer, Impacs would be forgotten and I would be hailed as the best Robo Cop for these bastards. Beat them, squeeze their testicles and have them to talk. If the goods were taken to the homes, whoever lives there should be arrested too. Make the little bastards talk


  4. I think their cases should be fast tracked, found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, and sentenced with hard labour as an extension of the description. Yes these guys have to be made to work for their up keep in plain sight where they are seen by the public especially people they know - friends, family, associates. In this way there will be no need for family or friend visit.


  5. Hello what about their identity, we would like to see the innocent until proven guilty persons. They show us the victims so let us see the big brave males or females persons.


  6. Really!!!!! That was quick. now let's see how the courts will deal with the matter. Thinking of a specific charge that's note in the book to slap them with and let human rights talk. Enough is enough. Strap them a good licking in the first instance then send them to spend time in Dennery..remove them from the society for a while.


  7. Beat the shit out them with the lolo beff. .and have the security guards put licks on them too..pay back time...Tit for Tat


  8. I am so happy that they were found. I had all intentions to give the police information on them as i heard about it cause they talk so much and felt good about their horrific crime...its been rumoured it was four i do hope the 4th one is caught...they are most probably the same ones responsible for the other school break ins as well..smdh...this is not RIGHT!! To attack the Education System like that...I do hope that any funding given to the Island will be contributed to the welfare of all the schools who had this bad and horrific break in of all their equipment!! Im just so saddened and enraged at the brutal beatings of the two security guards on the compound of the St Mary's College..Bravo to the Police.


    • Locked up and threw away keys!! Before long they will be out on a $1,000 bail or less! I ABSOLUTELY, THOROUGHLY AND COMPLETELY HATE THIEVES! Chop off their hands, and pluck out their eyes!!


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