2nd Annual Kwéyòl Performance Poetry Competition for October

2nd Annual Kwéyòl Performance Poetry Competition for October
2011 contestants
2011 contestants

Performance poetry is popular with persons of all age groups. The monthly headphunk event at Samaans Park and other similar events have helped to popularize this form of poetry.

Poets like George ‘Fish’ Alphonse and Ras Isley have become veterans of this exciting and entertaining poetry form. Many new voices have been heard in recent years.

As part of this year’s Creole Heritage Month in October, the Kwéyòl Language Committee of the FRC has organized the second Kwéyòl Performance Poetry competition.

Last year’s first competition was a success and the winner was Ms Liz Faisal.

Five poets will compete in a two-round event on Wednesday, October 24th at the Pyramid, Alliance Francaise, to decide the winner.

The competition will form the major part of a music, poetry and story-telling activity that has become one of the popular events of Creole Heritage Month. Following are the rules of the competition.

Kwéyòl Oral Poetry Entrance Rules

1. The Kwéyòl Language Committee (KLC) of the FRC is pleased to launch its 2nd annual Kwéyòl poetry competition.

2. This competition is intended exclusively for pieces written in the
Kwéyòl language from persons living in St. Lucia. The works should be new, unperformed and unpublished poems.

3. The competition is open to native Kwéyòl speakers or anyone who
has learned to speak the language.

4. A judging panel made up of St. Lucian Kwéyòl speakers will award three prizes.
The jury may make mention of poems that did not receive a prize.

A Popular Choice poem prize will also be awarded.

5. The spelling to be used is preferably the one recommended by
The KLC (the St. Lucian orthography) (as used in the Kwéyòl Dictionary).

6. Closing date for entries is Friday October 12th 2012.

Each candidate will send

ONE poem to:

Kwéyòl Performance Poetry Competition

c/o The Folk Research Center

FRC Mt. Pleasant, Box 514
Castries, St. Lucia, West Indies/Caribbean
* or Email: [email protected]; Phone: 5201251.

Name, address, phone contacts, email etc should be included on a separate covering letter accompanying the poem.

7. The text will be computer-typed in minimum font size 12.

8. If works are found to be plagiarized, the person submitting the poem will be immediately disqualified.

9. 7 (seven) of the written poems submitted will be chosen for a pre-final oral performance on Friday October 19th at the FRC Mount Pleasant Headquarters, where 5 finalists will be chosen. This will begin at 5.30 pm. The seven writers will be notified.
The 5 (five) finalists will compete during the final Oral performance competition at The Pyramid, Alliance Francaise,Pt Seraphine, Castries on Wednesday October 24th, 2011, at 7.30 pm. 1 (one) other poem (not submitted), of the writer’s choice, must be presented on the evening of the finals. The finalists will perform 2 (two) poems at the finals. There will be two rounds of the competition.

10. Each of the three winners will receive a prize in accordance with the ranking of the poems. The results will be announced on the night of Wednesday October 24th , 2012 at the Alliance Francaise, Pt Seraphine Castries. Every attempt will be made to present prizes on that occasion.

11. Prize winning poems will be published in a local newspaper by KLC in accordance with rule 6.

12. Efforts will be made by the KLC to translate prize winning poems into English, Spanish or French.


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