299 road fatalities recorded in Jamaica since 2018

299 road fatalities recorded in Jamaica since 2018
The tour bus involved in the crash
A tour bus involved in a fatal crash recently in Jamaica

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) — The Road Safety Unit (RSU) in the transport ministry is reporting that 299 people have been killed in 264 crashes since the start of the year.

Fatal crashes and fatalities have increased by three per cent and seven per cent, respectively, when compared with similar period in 2017.

So far, St Catherine accounts for 19 per cent of road users killed — the largest for any one parish.

Data from the unit revealed that of the number of fatalities, 77 were motorcyclists, 21 pedal cyclists, 14 pillion riders, 52 were drivers of private motor vehicles, 41 were passengers of private motor vehicles, nine PPV passengers, six commercial motor car passengers, seven PPV drivers, five commercial motor car drivers, 66 pedestrians and one that falls into other category of road users.

The RSU is appealing to all road users to wear their seatbelts, helmets, and other protective devices to save life, as well as, to pay close attention to road signs and markings.

Director of the Road Safety Unit, Kenute Hare, is urging all road users to take road safety seriously, as the majority of road crashes are related to bad driving practices.

Hare encouraged drivers/motorists who transport passengers, to ensure that they do so safely by enforcing the wearing of seatbelts.

Pedestrians and pedal cyclists are also advised to wear bright coloured clothing at nights, and use reflective gears to ensure they can be seen at all times.

Pedal cyclists should also wear clothing that will make them more visible to other road users, especially in the nights.


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